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  1. Merry Christmas. My wife gave me a hakko FR301 & an exercise bike. I think that both will be useful.
  2. Not sure where to put the information, but I will post it if there is interest. As I mentioned before , I have an original true subwoofer that is still working fine and will restore that one once I am done with the MK2 that I just bought. All that the MK2 needed was a few capacitors in 13v power supply area replaced. One actually detached from one of its leads , I am assuming from the vibration that it is subjected to. Non of mine were glued down. I statically tested all of the semi conductors , then brought her up with dim bulb and variac , then full line power. It can deliver
  3. Thanks Rob, We got about 6" here. about 25 miles west of Philly.
  4. Hello Everyone, I recently retired, have many hobbies, and enjoy electronics in the winter. Over the last couple of months, I restored a few vintage power amplifiers from the 70's. I created an account on this site because I own a Sunfire subwoofer since the late 90's which is still working today, just purchased a dead one, and since I've been able to get it working, I will be doing a full restoration. I figured that it is time for me to share any knowledge or info that may be helpful for others and have just started doing so on other forums. Thanks, Bob
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