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  1. Nothing like being a teacher...I miss it. I was all geared up to sub because of the flexibility and lack of responsibility 😉, but this engineering job was too good to pass up! I'll retire from this in a few years when my Wife retires from teaching.
  2. Small world. Wrightsville Beach is about 10 minutes from me. If I had enough hair to cut, I would get her salon name! Funny, your TFM-35 was on my short list until you, or someone from your company, notified me that it had been sold.
  3. Howdy all, Well, what brought me here you might ask? So, last Friday afternoon I dragged my Wife, Daughter, and Morkie to Raleigh for a little road trip to pick up a TFM-35 for a reasonable price. Ad said "fully serviced and questionable components replaced". I have been looking for a Carver amp to power my other recent project, Polk 2.3's (They are in rehab right now, but will be singing better than new when I get my crossover parts). Back to the Carver...when I arrived back home, like any level headed tinkerer, I opened her up in excitement to view the " fully serviced" handywo
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