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  1. and another one.


  2. And a few more images.



  3. Following are a few more images of the Carver 1982 TX-11 PC board.



  4. Attached are several images of my Carver 1982 TX-11 tuner. Perhaps someone can provide me with the info I need to repair it.





  5. Hello all,

    Merry Christmas from warm (54 deg F), rainy Winthrop. Snow is about washed away.  Regarding my music system -  since I am 81 and wear hearing aids, the best in the world is no longer needed. I certainly couldn't tell speakers apart as I could 30 years ago. I do have good hearing aids, though. Starkey wireless (but not the newer Bluetooth ones) XINO 110. The frequency response has about 6 channels. Can be set for 4 different response curves. The curve I use at symphony is essentially flat from 20 to about 15k Hz. I can hear timpani and piccolos.

    I want to get the Carver TX-11 working so I can get better FM response than the Rotel receiver.

    The problem is that the manual that came with my TX-11 does not remotely resemble the TX-11 owner manual I downloaded from this site. Also the service manual does not reflect my unit. The service manual shows that the tuner has 2 crystals, X501 and X502, and 2 trim capacitors, TC502 and TC507.  My tuner has only 1 crystal and a single trim capacitor of a completely different shape than the ones shown in the various repair pages here and on YouTube.

    Am I at a level that I can upload photos of the PC boards, and a scanned copy of my owner manual?

    1. Nahash5150




      Sounds like you have a TX-11a or b. Try downloading the TX-11a service manual and compare.


      There aren't any security restrictions on manual downloads.

    2. reedm


      My unit says TX-11 on the front panel, and the Owners Manual says 1982 TX-11. The PC board and the owners manual are different from both the TX-11 owners manual on the site, and the pc board shown on eBay. I am making a copy of my owners manual to send in. I will also photograph the pc board.

    3. Nahash5150


      Interesting. But you know, it could be a transitional unit. It could be an 11a, but not fully transitioned with the labeling.

  6. I have long been a Hi Fi aficionado living in the Boston area. Starting way back, post college with Harman Kardon components, and a Janszen speaker system with a big woofer and 2 electrostatic tweeters. Stereo, of course. Over time I worked up through a McIntosh amp and preamp-vacuum tube, but kept the old speakers, because they were good. Graduated further to a Bryston 1B preamp and a Bryston 4b amp, and Snell Acoustics Type A speakers. Denon turntable and Denon tuner. Graduated to Carver TX-11 FM tuner. Ultimately phased out of Vinyl, and went to CD's - Rotel RCD-971. Sold turntable and a
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