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  1. Where could I find a trim cap to replace the one shown as tc-501 in the above images?

  2. Hi, Thank you. What voltage level am I looking for? Going to check it today.

  3. and another one.


  4. And a few more images.



  5. Following are a few more images of the Carver 1982 TX-11 PC board.



  6. Attached are several images of my Carver 1982 TX-11 tuner. Perhaps someone can provide me with the info I need to repair it.





  7. Hello all,

    Merry Christmas from warm (54 deg F), rainy Winthrop. Snow is about washed away.  Regarding my music system -  since I am 81 and wear hearing aids, the best in the world is no longer needed. I certainly couldn't tell speakers apart as I could 30 years ago. I do have good hearing aids, though. Starkey wireless (but not the newer Bluetooth ones) XINO 110. The frequency response has about 6 channels. Can be set for 4 different response curves. The curve I use at symphony is essentially flat from 20 to about 15k Hz. I can hear timpani and piccolos.

    I want to get the Carver TX-11 working so I can get better FM response than the Rotel receiver.

    The problem is that the manual that came with my TX-11 does not remotely resemble the TX-11 owner manual I downloaded from this site. Also the service manual does not reflect my unit. The service manual shows that the tuner has 2 crystals, X501 and X502, and 2 trim capacitors, TC502 and TC507.  My tuner has only 1 crystal and a single trim capacitor of a completely different shape than the ones shown in the various repair pages here and on YouTube.

    Am I at a level that I can upload photos of the PC boards, and a scanned copy of my owner manual?

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    2. Nahash5150


      Interesting. But you know, it could be a transitional unit. It could be an 11a, but not fully transitioned with the labeling.

    3. reedm


      I have got my TX-11working again. What I did was adjust the trim cap by the crystal TC-501 in above photos, in one direction a bit, and then in the other direction a bit and then returned to original position. Tuner has worked for several days now without the typical display problem.


      How does one adjust this trimer for the correct position?

    4. Nahash5150


      Good job!


      You need an o-scope to adjust the refence frequency amplitude for the tuning controller.


      By probing Pin 2 of the TC9147BP IC to a ground refence, adjust TC-501 for maximum amplitude.


      Pins 2 & 3 are the X-tal oscillator reference circuit.

  8. I have long been a Hi Fi aficionado living in the Boston area. Starting way back, post college with Harman Kardon components, and a Janszen speaker system with a big woofer and 2 electrostatic tweeters. Stereo, of course. Over time I worked up through a McIntosh amp and preamp-vacuum tube, but kept the old speakers, because they were good. Graduated further to a Bryston 1B preamp and a Bryston 4b amp, and Snell Acoustics Type A speakers. Denon turntable and Denon tuner. Graduated to Carver TX-11 FM tuner. Ultimately phased out of Vinyl, and went to CD's - Rotel RCD-971. Sold turntable and a
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