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  1. Ya the sag has been there from the start. I'm sure I should have listened to my Dad, about 45 years ago and used 3/4" plywood for the shelves, but hey, what would my Dad know? At 17 we know everything!
  2. My vintage Heathkit system I built around 45 years ago. The power amp is 200W a side, all day long. Still works, and sounds pretty good IMHO. The speakers were unique with a 15" woofer facing the rear. The speakers have a very adjustable crossover. Power Amp AA-1640 Preamp AN-2016 Speakers AS-1348
  3. A quick shot of my bench. Quite a bit of Heathkit gear that I built as a teenager. Any questions I'd be happy to answer. I built the bench when I was 17 and still living with my parents. I was working for a lumber wholesaler at the time so cost me less than $50. I had to saw it in half to get it out of my parents basement, and into mine about 35 years ago.
  4. Most people that are interested in repairing electronics tend to be getting up there...like me. Most have the time and patience to help and are happy to help. When I bought my HP339A distortion Analyzer on Ebay, it had a problem in a power supply. It needed an obsolete regulator. A fellow in New Zealand sent me one at no cost to me and at considerable shipping cost to him. He wouldn't accept any money. Hopefully I can pay it forward at some point. Almost everyone I deal with in my business is getting up there, ...musicians and techs. There will be alot of experti
  5. I'd be happy to share my expertise if I can.
  6. No Carver gear but my vintage gear consists of a pretty impressive Heathkit system I built as a teenager about 45 years ago. Still works...the last time I turned it on anyway?? I'll post a few pics once I'm allowed. It consists of a AA-1640 power amp. AS-1348 speakers and the AN-2016 Preamp On my bench I have a very modest Ravel AM-30 that I bought at a garage sale for $5 if my memory serves me correctly. Also a Toshiba SB-M12 for a little more power if needed. Again a garage sale find. My home theater is an Onkyo system with Paradigm speakers. Great for watching
  7. Hi I'm an old electronics guy that still repairs electronics. Though I'm supposed to be retired my customers won't let it happen. I mostly repair guitar tube amps but thought I'd dabble in vintage stereo equipment since the pandemic has taken much of my business away. Musicians aren't playing much if any these days, so they don't need their gear repaired. I'm looking forward to both contributing here and getting advice.
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