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  1. Thanks very much. I've read their name on the site.
  2. I'm enjoying the education and looking forward to more - especially about the mods & modifiers out there. Thanks. Pictures when I'm able. And refurb or new C-1 w/BillD is in my future.
  3. I did not do that (the notice probably never made it to me) and so I did not send it in - so I don't have the C. So my unit is Really vintage - and that's probably a situation that needs a remedy. Thanks.
  4. Thank you Sk1bum. I did take away a misinterpretation of the C-11 - thanks for straightening that out for me.
  5. It is Silver; I'll post the serial number in a follow up. Serial #0773.
  6. I am leaning toward just a straight forward 2 channel set up, and that too is why I was looking at the C-1. Sure seems like the C-11 (C-1 with the BillD mod) is the way to go. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Thanks very much. I'm enjoying the replies and advice! And I will send in some pics when I'm able to.
  8. Thank you very much. Just started snorkeling through all the great advice.
  9. Submariner here and happy to join the site - this is my first topic. I used that "handle" as I was driving a submarine in the late 70's out of Groton, CT when I became acquainted with and had never heard anything so crisp/realistic/nice as the Carver M-400 coupled a C-4000 powering Dahlquist DQ-10's. Sonic holography was simply astounding. Of course, neither of the Carver units nor the DQ-10's fit aboard my boat, but they did make my BOQ room rock. Later I got an M-500 when I decided to expand with a Dahlquist DQ-1W base cube and powered the cube with the M-400. I've found over the
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