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  1. Does no one have any info/opinions on these? I fear I may have been a bit rude by getting straight to the point buy I really would appreciate any advice. I'm not very good at these group thingies....
  2. Hi all, I barely know anything about Carver amplifiers. I picked up a PMX-900 sort of by chance a few years back and have been using it for running some vintage Martin Audio full range tops of over a couple of Cubo 18s for added bottom end. Over all I've been very happy and I they do work really well together. Recently I built another pair of Cubos and I now find that my rig is really quite bottom heavy. From reading up on the specs on my Martin Audios I should be able to run them with a more powerful amp. My question is whether I'd be best off looking for another PMX-900 to
  3. Welcome !!!

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