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  1. stang man


  2. Hello,

    I’m just looking for a decent price for the equipment. I have bought to much over the years and I really do not want to put it on the bay because I would rather offer it to carver nuts like me . I will get some photos your way.



    1. skids


      ok Do you have 2 45's or 3 ?

  3. Hello sir,

    Do you do mod work?  Bill d mods?


  4. Hello there, I have amps, Pm1.5’s (2), tfm45’s (3), tfm55 (1), 490t that needs work, C-2 that needs a power button cover, tx-11a, (2) carver 4ohm subs, CD player Tl-3300, tox-2 tuner, carver al platinums with the subs replaced 4 year ago and one ribbon that was rebuilt by Mr Dave himself in Florida. I c-19 that needs a little attention. just trying to de clutter my music room! thanks for responding. Stangmandd
  5. Hello, Still looking for a TL3300 and 490t? Thanks, Stangmandd
  6. Hello everyone, Ive been a Carver nut for years and have some equipment if anyone is looking. Just let me know what you need. Thanks, Stangmandd
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