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  1. Dang! How much would shipping to 01267 run me for a pair of the hundos? Do you take Cash App?
  2. Well, I hope this engineering degree is good for something! I've been tinkering with electronics for decades, so I will be alright for basic maintenance. I was exactly considering using two or three caps ganged together, Rod! Glad to know that would be relatable to someone else, and I woun't look like a crazed redneck tech when I do that someday. Thankfully, I will grab a pair from the above listed company. Cheers!
  3. Oh, doing the repair myself. I tinker in these things. And what's the current source for the 10000uf 100v caps in these things?- The part number in all the posts comes up Obsolete. I found a pair on eBay, but I dunno if they are gonna be legit- I see lotsa warnings from peeps on these forums about getting fakes. It's the 40x70 snap in with two blank leads flanking the one positive lead. I just found this- Can anybody say anything about this source?: https://www.onlinecomponents.com/en/panasonic/ecet2ap103ea-44479994.html Thanks, guys!
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