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  1. Thank You! Pleased to meet You!
  2. Thank You..So glad to be a part of this!
  3. Hi - I just wanted to introduce myself..I'm Chino ..a lifetime Carver enthusiast..I've owned my equipment since I was stationed in Alaska. Purchased my Carver equipment one piece at a time at Pyramid Audio..(The people there were great...)Bought the C1 preamp, M500T amp, DTL cd player and a very if ever used TX11? Tuner..also a short lived Denon DP59L i sold only a few years ago..Can't live without my Dalquist DQM9C's that I've been listening to for 36 years straight everyday along with my C1 that never has been turned off. (except during shipment or an equipment shuffle.) So I can truly attes
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