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  1. Once I am allowed I'll post a how-to for changing the 490t tray drive belt when it arrives. It can be done easily without trying to pull the belt under the tray itself since removing the tray is an easy process, you don't even need to remove the transport.
  2. A huge thanks to Zenith4me - a Canadian parts house with reasonable shipping! I've done so many parts searches in the past, never came across this store. A real godsend as I'm always needing vintage electronics parts!
  3. Wow what a wonderful, helpful forum this is! So used to stonewall answers and 'read the FAQ' responses - you are all amazing, thanks to everyone with their detailed information! Will order the belt soon - being in the Great White North means paying $18.00 shipping so I'm going to try and find a source up here that I can order from. Will be checking in from time to time - I'll check out the thread on replacing the belt since I found a way to get the tray out for easy access with only needing to remove the top casing lid. If it hasn't been documented I'll take a few pic
  4. Just joined the community today - a great wealth of info here! I am need of a belt for 490t that has the classic door opening problem. There is a file available on this site found here: Hower when I load the page it states on the right hand side above the file information ' Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file. ' Are there other requirements other than being a member to be able to download this file? It is not in the manual database (database link points to the above mentioned page. Any help is appreciated!
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