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  1. It looks to have had some work done. But I'm sure it could use a complete recap. As soon as I get moved and time I will dive into working on the silvers and the Adcom.
  2. I've downsized most of my equipment for a move. I'll be running the Silvers with an Adcom GFA-5500 and may find a preamp to go with it or I may just use my Chromecast audio as an all in one streamer/pre. I haven't jumped back into vinyl (I'm 45) so it will either be good quality streaming or cds. I'll have to see how the Adcom does. Everything Ive read said that the Carvers need a high current plethora of power. The Adcom did great on my old Logans and never let me down even on those late bourbon driven volume escapades. I also have a small setup with a Denon integrated, Monitor aud
  3. Kingsport. Yeah pandora's box seems correct based on my research. I used to have a set of Martin Logan Sequel 2 speakers that I ultimately sold while they were still working properly. The E-Stat panels were getting harder to come by and $$$$ which seems to be the case on the Carver ribbons. Everywhere I read said that the ribbons play down to around 100hz but the Carver manual on this page says they play full range and the woofers just fill in below 120hz. That seems crazy. I haven't dug into the crossover yet to see what is there and what is actually going on. These are going to be
  4. Been into audio for 30 years. Just picked up a pair of Amazing Silvers and learning all I can about them and especially maintenance and repair. I'm not an audiophile nor would I want to be. I just enjoy my experience listening to music.
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