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  1. Hi Brent, Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll definitely give Les’ kits a try. Cheers, Greg
  2. Thanks everyone! Feeling quite chuft from all the warm comments, sounds like I definitely found my people. I’m already feeling more confident with doing some of the work myself just reading through the forums and seeing what others have shared. What a great place! cheers 😊
  3. Hi everyone! Hoping to connect and learn from all of you! I am a Bob Carver fan, love the design and audio experience his equipment provides. I am enjoying listening to, as well as refurbishing, the following equipment - Carver C-1 Preamp Carver C-2 Preamp Carver TX-2 Tuner Carver TL-3200 CD Player Carver M1.5T Amp Phase Linear 4000 Preamp Phase Linear 400 Amp Phase Linear 700B Amp Everything is needing service/repair, and I'm hoping to get some guidance from the experts here in the forums. Cheers!
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