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  1. Wow thanks for the warm invite, did not expect that. keep in mind i am new so the gear i have at the moment is a Carver TFM 25 and Carver C-1 pre-amp, but i also want to run this amp with an ARCAM AVP 700. At the moment i will run them through two Polk Audio RTi 10 speakers , i am also running a 10" polk audio powered sub , i guess thats it for now, maybe not great but sure looks nice, i would also like to get it running at least 5 channel speakers i run towers, center and sub up front and 3 small speakers book shelf like on the wall behind me. cheers
  2. thanks for letting me join. I am a newbie to be honest with you , have enjoyed carver gear since i was young and playing in bands using carver amps and the like. I now have bought myself some carver gear for my home but really not certain how to integrate some of the older tech with the newer teck, so i guess thats why i am here. If you can point me to the right section that would be great, thanks again. Mike
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