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  1. I have a c-1 preamp and a TX2 tuner, a sd/a-490T along with a 1.5T amp and a pioneer PL-71 with a series 3 brick Acutex 320 STR, hooked up to my Klipsch Cornwall 3's. Carver system 2 is a c-7 pre/tuner and a 1.5t amp and a Sony PSX-7 turntable with an Acutex series 300 LPM 320 STR hooked to JBL4311b's and a Sunfire 12" sub. System 3 in not Carver its (2) Soundcraftsman PCR800 Amps and a DX4200 pre/Eq and a T6200 tuner, another PSX-7 Sony turntable with a AT20 NOS shabata stylus hooked to AR2a's. + lots of various stacks of Ill try this one day. Would Like to update my carver amps and the c1 soon, that is why I was poking around on this forum. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
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