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  1. Just got the smaller Polks out of a box . They are R15s . I do remember they sounded great with the 12s and Carver system . I may get to plug it all together tonight and see what works as well as what doesn't . I'll report back later on .
  2. Jeeze . I'm also going thru chemo at this point . I know what you're going thru .
  3. Thanks Barry . Any info. is welcomed and Va. is pretty close for me . Maybe an hour away , I could drop off the entire system and let him do his thing with it . My upcoming retirement is also health related . Ugh .........................
  4. Thanks for the welcome Barry . I'm up 95 off of exit 74 in Fallston . Familiar with Elkridge having worked at Unilever and the Sunpapers near the tunnel for 20+ years . Actually have to pick my son up from BWI later tonight . So you think Sound Scape could help out with my issues ? I haven't contacted anyone yet but I did get on the Nellion site which seems the route to take . I think I would feel a little more comfortable with their shop . And you also mentioned Oppos as others have , guess I'll be scanning the net to see what I can come up with . As far as this below ........................... Retirement is approaching fast , and I'm getting a head start on all of the above . 👍 Someone above welcomed me and I found out he was very close to my area also . Nice to know there are others still interested in the old gear .
  5. I hit the novice status ! I can now post a few pics , now to find out how to post them . 🙂
  6. Loaded question for sure . Somewhat like what's the best lathe to buy ? I deal with that one everyday ! 🤣
  7. We take great pride in what we do on our site . We are the friendly site and there are no dumb questions as we say . We , like this site , also love pics ! 🙂
  8. Interesting info . Maybe I should re-phrase my question . If buying a CD player today , what is the best available unit out there ? This would be used with the Carver sound system only and not with all the newer stuff the kids deal with . They lost me years back . Budget is not an issue . Retirement is around the corner and just getting back into this after finding a few hundred cds and albums laying around the house . I value my old stereo stuff like my kids , pets and tools , they'll never leave my grasps !
  9. Not an incentive to join the site or anything and our Mods are free to remove it if necessary per your rules ..................................... Our site is Hobbymachinist.com . I am mmcmdl on the staff . I am a machinist/toolmaker by trade . 44 years and still going at it . 🙂
  10. Fill me in on the oppos please . Is this a brand ? I am only worried about the Time Lens feature on the Carver , do these OPPOs have the same sound as the Carver DTLs ? Thanks for the reply Andrew .
  11. Maddmaster , We are darn near neighbors ! I grew up in your area and am right up the road in Fallston ! How cool is that ? Anyways , I'll have lots of question once I can post more info. and pics on here . 🙂
  12. I also help run a website for Hobby Machinists and usually spend 12 hrs. minimum a day on the site . It may take awhile for me to become comfortable navigating my way on here , but I'll learn it . Thanks to all that keep it going , I know for a fact it's not an easy task .
  13. Morning @Maddmaster . Yes , my brother fixed all the guitars going thru Gordon Miller Music when they were in business . Jeff , the owner and I became friends also and I became a regular customer back then . Started off with Harman Kardon receivers and Avid speakers , the regular old Technics casette decks etc . Moved up to the JVC integrated amps and a few JBL speaker systems . When I started making the big bucks ( over $4 an hour ) , I migrated to my Carver equipment . GM was in Towson on Orchard Tree Lane . I worked a job for a few years that took me past Sound Scape ( Cold Spring Lane ) everyday which sold some cool stuff , thus I spread my big bucks out . LOL , it was fun . On to today . I had packed up my Carver gear some 30 years ago . I have some pops and clicks here and there but the system still plays other than the DTL-200 . I'm definately interested in whatever upgrades are available to the amp and pre-amp . I need to either replace the CD player with another working unit or get mine back to the original playing shape . Someone above posted about the Polk 12s . Yes , I did search for the perfect sound I was looking for and decided the Polks fit the bill . They were just a sweet sounding compliment to the Carver stuff . They still sound great to this day . I'm in Harford County . A big Thanks to you .
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