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  1. All great points. The 4000t is not an option as it doesn’t have the auto correlation and peak unlimiter which I need for an all analog tape and vinyl system. However it does look like there were two “versions” of the c4000 itself. Both have the time day output/amps, SH, and AC/PU. The earlier Version 1 has a 35/50 time delay switch and has a phono 1 and phono 2 inputs. It has the champagne faceplate color. Probably manufactured from 1979 thru 1982. Version 2 has a darker faceplate , almost black , with a gun metal outer plate. It has the shorter 15/35 time delay and has phono input labeled MM and MC. Probably manufactured 1982 to 1984. so question is which phono section of the two versions better ? Is the AC or SH circiu better in the earlier or later version ? Anyone know if the build quality etc was different or changed during those different times? Yes, planning on having Nelion restore it? Also , Thoughts on doing a BillD update on a c4000? Thanks all.
  2. The early version is the champagne color with phono input 1 and 2. The later version is a darker gun metal grey with one MM phono input and one MC input. Apparently the time delay is shorter on the later version. Are there other differences? Which version should I get and then have it restored ?
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