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  1. Using the c1 preamp, the adcom didn’t have this issue, it had a different slight noise, I also have an old onkyo m501 amp I’ve had for 15 years and hooked it up and no noise at all so I feel I’ve eliminated the power outlet as a source for the noise and the speakers seem to be not doing it.
  2. It’s all original as far as I know, normal to loud it seems to sound fine, the issue I have is at low volume. When pre is volume all way down I can still slightly hear it when get close to speaker, it also has a distortion to it. A slight buzz coming out if it too, I switched the speakers and it’s still there . Once volume is up a little bit it sounds fine
  3. Looks nice, I just bought the same type amp a few weeks ago
  4. New member here. Just bought my first set of carver gear. Got a M1.5t, c1 pre and a tx-2 tuner. Running a pair of older klipsch Epic cf2 with the dual tens. Sounds descent sometimes but I know I need to do some work to it. Switching from an Adcom 150watt amp and can easily tell the difference in power. Got some low volume issues, I going to look around this site and see if I can figure out what I need to do
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