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  1. Zappapatton; Did you get the Boston Acoustics vr-M90's , and if so your thoughts on them. A rare speaker a bit out of character for BA. On a whim I ended up with a pair about 6 months ago & am surprised at how good they sound compared to many other speakers I've owned, And/ or listened to. Currently driving mine with a mxr-150. A musical/ capable combination.
  2. Zappa, Vagabond. I know someone who keeps a Feathercraft up on one of the lakes. Neat old heavily built "tin" boat.
  3. Zappapatton, Nice photo!😉. Boatsnh. Used to live in NH. Spent lots of time using, buying & fixing boats. Another amusement. Kinda like cars, planes, horses, & stereo stuff. Mike
  4. Charlie, I'm just over the river in Aiken. Nice part if the world. Mike
  5. I recently found a MXR 150 and a TL 3100 at a local estate sale. All manuals & couple of sales brochures on the entire line. Original owner. Everything looks pristine & works with no noise. No hiss, pops, or cut outs. All lights are 100%. They were in a glass enclosed audio cabinet & looked so nice they had to follow me home.!! So...time for some Carver Fun. I remember Carver at TECH HI-FI in Boston years ago & was impressed. I moved to South Carolina 3 years ago and in the " downsizing" process of the move I sold off most of my audio gear. Thought I be satisfied with a "KLIPSCH THE 1" playing music via blue tooth. As the kids say....NOT!!! I sold off a Hafler dh200 & 101 preamp I assembled in 1979 that I used to drive a set of Magnepans. Prior to the Magnepans I had a pair of ESS Amt 1b's. Great party speakers.😊 The Thorens 160 mk II & Grado cartridge and Nakamichi 3 head cassette deck vanished too. As did a couple of Adcom bits and various odd speakers made by Advent & infinity. I did bring down a old Nikko 35 watt rms receiver & a pair of Axiom m3's that I used in a bedroom. I have a onkyo cd player that sounds good & a AURIS blue tooth reciever that works well. A year ago the Nikko died , replaced it with a Sansui AU-D7 which is a sweet Amp. The Sansui all of the sudden started blowing Main fuses & was replaced by a Emotiva Ta-100. A not bad little amp & it was " new" and problem free. I ought to try to fix the Sansui but don't have the skill sets to do so. A couple months ago I found a pair of Boston Acoustics MR-90 towers. Like new. Had to buy. The Emotiva drove them OK but they sounded "thin". The Carvers makes these speakers come ALIVE! I like it - my wife likes it (a very good thing). So, I guess I'll play & tweak a bit and keep them. I probably ought to look at " service" items to keep everything in good shape. Looks like lots of good info & nice folks on this forum! Best, Mike
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