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  1. Thanks for the welcome everyone! 3P
  2. Hi All: Thanks for the welcome! After over 50 years of building, working with and repairing audio equipment, mainly as a hobby, I've now got quite a pile of stuff to work on, from total rebuilds to just minor tune up's. Time to start getting this stack worked down (per my wife)! I still have a lot of tube gear i built as a kid (Scotts Fishers, Dynacos ) which i plan to go thru plus later as well vintage solid state I've purchased over the years from GAS, SAE, Carver, Bose, Sony, etc. so as a result most of my equipment is older (vintage?). I also occasionally build custom wood cabinets and racks/shelving for equipment as well as speaker cabinets, crossovers, etc. Right now Ive got a Carver TX2 tuner - works great but the display VFD died, a m500t that works great but probably time for a recap, as well as a MXR-130 which needs recap. As soon as i can I'll post some pics. One great thing now is the internet and these forums where its now possible to connect with other people that have same/similar interests and certainly a collective of knowledge! Finally, I've started on the TX2 Tuner rebuild and have one question - does anyone know anything about the display VFD in the TX2? I have the part number but can't find anything anywhere about the display - even what firm made it. 3P
  3. Hello Everyone - I just recently retired and am in the process of getting back to my favorite hobby - audio gear restoration! I have a few Carver units of my own that i plan to rebuild, and while searching for information came across this site. Looks like there are more vintage audio people out there than i thought! So for now - just signed up and posted to say hello and hope to participate in the future. 3P I
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