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  1. Thank you, the list you posted must have not been for the Ultimate I Receiver as there are 2-150000uf 100v with max surge of 150
  2. JJPTKD, Do you have a Sunfire Ultimate Receiver is that what the cap break out is for?
  3. Ps Yes I reset it to factory 3 times. Also checked mute button all good. Everything works 100% besides low volume across the board. I was thinking of first trying to update the latest firmware which I believe is not in this unit, ordered an RS232 to USB
  4. WRF, Hope you had a blessed 4th. yes Sunfire Ultimate Receiver I'm sorry as I feel I was not very clear with my explanation (Im german that does not help lol). A.) Flux = Meausremenrs do not stay study B.) Caps I'm speaking of are not the largest ones. they are the next step smaller ones. C.) Unable, how do I upload pictures? D.) What is if a Cap is low value on the linear side of the unit? F.) Nothing leaking no visual sign of anything getting to hot. G.) This thing has 2!8 Caps. F.) Speaker outputs measure 4.5mv seems good. I'm kind of worried recapping with out have specs to set the bios afterwords. Thank you so much for your feedbacks.
  5. Ps, I as well found out Bill who has been serving Sunfire for many years does not take any new work and is planning to retire in 6 month. So I'm determent to see if I may be able to track it down with some help :-)
  6. WRF, First and formost thank you Very kindly, Love learning from other Carver people. A.) Problem, Volume at 0db is Equel to-20 / -25 dB all across the board at all inputs. B.) Opened the Unit there is a CPU fan but do not know if that only turns on under load like the older Techice receivers and if it could have a saftey build in if the fan is shot. It is a 12V DC fan measure when starting up the unit but no voltage. Caps at Power supply C17 & C18 seem questionable, plastic ends are a little bulged. Measure them with my Signstek MESR-100 V2 seems to be good, but flux all over. Sorry for the lengthy reply.
  7. I'm so sorry I just saw it, thank you very kindly. No schemetic for the Ultimate Receiver. maybe someone here could guide me? I was informed that the the Bill D for the C1 info is on this site?
  8. SK1Bum. Thank you so Very kindly for the warm Welcome, been loving Carver for many years. A ) I have looked in that list you provided the link for, thus under Receivers there is no Sunfire Ult.? Maybe I'm missing something :-( B.) I will do so post pic's of my last Project I just got done with, with a TFM-35x Happy Listening and Thank you for your response.
  9. Zumbini and or anyone, may sone be able to guide me to the download for the Sunfire scematic I'm new here. Thank you kindly in advance.
  10. Good Day,

    Thank you for allowing me to Join this site, very informal and it is nice to be able to converse with other Carver Fan's.

    I was wondering may someone be able to tell me where I be able to purchase the 2 speaker Relay's for my TFM-35x.


    Thank you in advance

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