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  1. Thanks! She is slowly improving but has a back issue that she had to delay for her knee surgery. I'm hoping by spring things will be better!
  2. Hi! I received the message last night that my stylus would be here on Wednesday. I also received a message from Joseph, the technician who did the repair. He said that the suspension in my insert was shot and he usually sends back units like that because they are too difficult to repair. However, he wanted to see if he could keep an original unit working and he said he succeeded with it meeting full specs and tracking at one gram! I can't wait! I understand sharing the living room. At age 93 my mother developed ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and she lived with us for a year. Because ALS is totally debilitating she required 24/7 care from us. She had a terrible time sleeping and so we would watch MASH reruns in the middle of the night. I spent a lot of time listening to my Sony noise cancelling headphones! However, I wouldn't begrudge her a second of the time she needed. As hard as it was, we would never have sent her to a nursing home and my wife was an absolute angel taking care of her with me. Enjoy your mother-in-law while you can. Also, I won't be able to test the cartridge for a few days because my wife just had a total knee replacement and it did not go well. She needs a lot of care right now. She will recover but it will be a few more weeks. Regards, Michael
  3. Greetings: My V15 isn't back yet - I don't expect it for another week or so. I am pretty excited about being able to use it again. The Rabco arm just snapped the cantilever like it was a tooth pick. The arm was a little erratic but never misbehaved like that before. I didn't trust tangential arms after that but I picked up a Sony about 20 years ago that works very well. Of course, the V15 won't work in it. The V15 is definitely an easy cartridge to listen to compared to most. What a loss that Shure doesn't make high end cartridges any more. Regards, Michael
  4. Oh, I have the disease. Bad. And I'm proud of it! I caught it way back when I was 11 and got my first crystal radio. It became full blown when I was 14 (a long time ago) and got my first Koss headphones. Rapture!
  5. Thanks for the welcome! I just received my first upgraded M 1.0t back from Greg but haven't had time to put it in my system yet. My wife just had knee replacement surgery and she is taking all my attention. None the less, I can't wait to try it. It will bi-amp a Paradigm Monitor 9 for the left channel and the right channel will be stock so I can do an "ear to ear" comparison. When the next one comes back it will go for the right channel. I picked up a fifth M 1.0t to use while I sent the others out for repair so I have to decide where to use it eventually. It won't go to waste! Regards, Michael
  6. I noticed in the manual section there is a preliminary manual - Carver C-9 Sonic Hologram Generator Preliminary Owner Manual.PDF. I have the Preliminary Owner Manual for the C-4000 and noticed it wasn't listed. Is it something of interest for the group? Is it something that is a must have for Carver manual collectors? If anyone is interested I could probably upload it although I don't think I have been on the site long enough to have privileges to upload a .pdf.
  7. Hi Rob, Thanks for the welcome. Nice to see another B&O turntable in someone's inventory. I bought my 3000 new in 1973 and I just love it. It is such a beautiful piece of kit. I have had a new diamond installed in the cantilever a couple of times over the years and the guy did excellent work. He is retired now but I just sent my Shure V15 Mark V out for a new one. I'll let everybody know how it turns out. Michael Buck
  8. Hi! Thanks for the welcome. Nice to join a new community. I would be interested to know how you like the Shure V15 Mark IV. I have a Mark V that is out for repair right now. I bought it new in 1982 and used it on a Rabco arm for a couple of years. The Rabco was not too reliable and one day it went crazy and broke the cantilever clean off. Never did find it. I was pretty sick (or disgusted, I can't remember which) about it and put the cartridge in a drawer. I saw an ad in Stereophile for a place that could put a new cantilever and diamond on it so I sent it off after checking references. It will be back in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to trying it out again. I have had the diamond replaced on a few styluses on my B&O 3000 and they are excellent but that guy retired. Michael Buck
  9. Hi Charlie, Thanks for the hi tech welcome. I hope I will be an asset to the site. Michael Buck
  10. Thanks for the welcome! Wow! You have a lot of nice equipment. That is a serious inventory. Michael Buck
  11. Woops! I mixed you with someone else with Infinitys. My wife just had a knee replaced and has me jumping. I am only able to type about 10 words between jumps!
  12. Hi! Thanks for the greeting. I do enjoy seeing photos of peoples equipment, especially when it is modded. I really like the technical side of our hobby but I am always listening to music. I have lots of headphones for when my wife is watching TV or if I am in the yard. I did neglect to mention that I installed in wall speakers in 8 rooms in my house. There is something fun about crawling through the rafters and insulation dragging a pair of speaker wires! It is a little warm in the attic in July in CA but I love the heat. Michael Buck
  13. Hi! Thanks for the welcome. I screwed up on my first reply - I hit the + instead of Quote.
  14. Greetings! I lived in Davis for many years and traveled to the bay area a lot for work when I was at MCI. We had a big Oracle database center there. I participate in the Sacramento Audio Group by Zoom. They are going through a speaker building phase right now and woodworking is one of my least favorite activities. I also went to northern IL and Mich. a lot because the engine analyzer mfgs were there. I grew up in upstate New York and hate the cold weather! Every once in a while my wife tries to convince me to move to MD to be near her sister but I get sick at the thought of leaving CA. I am in Sun City Lincoln Hills and we are in the foothills of the Sierras. Just too beautiful here. I see you have some Infinity speakers. I love my QSL3s. I don't understand why other mfgs don't use something like the Watkins dual drive woofer. Thanks for the welcome! Michael Buck
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