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  1. Thanks for all the welcomes from everyone..Whats the best way to add more pics it said i reached the limit? not to good with the tech stuff so i need dummy instructions if anyone can help.Also sorry for such a big pic i did the 1 to 1 option on my phone.wanted to post more pics
  2. Thanks guys just curious sound wise does a 500t and a 4.ot sound about the same stock form.I see it seems the 500t can be modded for 400 watts .Are they true wattsi think my KLF 30s would love that kind of power.
  3. Hey guys Whats up? I am a big Klipsch fan and love the way Carver amps sound with them. I have 4 2 cinema grands 200x5 and one 4.0t and a carver 752 receiver not really an amp but stereo...also maybe a 500t soon.Anyway i was wondering who is good in or around Fl or closest shop that can work on the amps?I think i want to get them overhauled buy someone that knows these amps and maybe modify them if possible.I am not good with tech or soldering so really looking for someone to do the work.{A Carver Goo Roo) Thanks in Advance Greg
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