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  1. Folks, the tuner is a TX-11a (typo from inserting the letter B). my apologies. The only reason I am selling this tuner, is because I built a home in a rural area of NW Pennsylvania that doesn't really have FM stations I am interested in listening to otherwise I would keep it. This tuner is perhaps the best one I ever heard. I am sure with some tender care, it will perform as designed Sorry, no remote. dan
  2. October 3 to CARVER SITE members. I would like to offer my Carver components that I purchased (and loved) in 1989. All of them work fine, though none have been serviced since new. I am not looking to make any serious money, but would like to offer them to people who can appreciate them. Here is what I have for sale Carver C-1 preamp Carver TX=11b tuner Carver CT-7 preamp tuner (a later purchase and I am second owner) Also for those interested, I have two CROWN/Amcron D150 amplifiers If you are interested, drop me a line. DAN. still keeping my 1989 ALS and M1.0t amp till death, if possible.
  3. Dear Carver appreciators... the wife wants my gear OUT OF THE HOUSE, though she allows me to keep my M1.0t MK2 modded amp, and my 1989 Carver Amazing Loudspeakers. Everything has to go, so its a firesale for Christmas. (all from 1989, I am the original caretaker) up on deck for a new set of ears: Carver TX-2 a tuner; C-1 Preamp. $150 each plus shipping. Also available are two CROWN D-150 amps (each from around 1997). $100 each for the amps plus shipping. communication at DrDBJohnson@gmail.com or on the carver site.
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