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Price $399 plus actual shipping (and paypal fees, if any)

 This amplifier has been recently serviced and checked (voltages verified, volume controls and switches cleaned) and is in excellent working condition.  We have an original Carver shipping box, too.

All functions operate as they should and it sounds great, being  tested through both a pair of Altec Lansing model 19 speakers as well as a pair of Magnepan model  MG2.5R speakers. It sounds beautiful driving either! Both meters, lights and volume controls operate as they should and without any noise or static in the volume controls. (Sounds great with a Ten Octave Audio LP1 tube preamp.)

 (Buyer should be aware that this is, in fact, a vintage amplifier and although it has been checked and serviced it could in the future require power supply capacitors or other components to be replaced. It is a vintage piece of equipment and as such does not come with any guaranties aside from the fact that it is currently working well with no issues and will arrive to you in that condition. Beyond that it is the buyers responsibility to maintain and/or service  the amplifier.)



Any questions please PM to iamjohngalt

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