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  1. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.
  2. Thanks, Charlie. I've been pretty happy using Handbrake and Avidemux (primarily for x265 which is an improvement on x264 in many cases.)
  3. I didn't give up citizenship. There is no federal law against having multiple passports, but I didn't go that far. Most "expats" don't give up US citizenship.
  4. If you mean that every voter should have a long-term interest in a free and prosperous country, I agree, but I wouldn't use that specific requirement alone to disapprove voting status.
  5. Had they taken that stand, imo, the Constitution would not have been agreed to (it had to be unanimous) and the country would have continued with the Articles of Confederation. That may have been better, or worse. The Articles had a lot less centralized power and much more power at the state and individual level. American history would have been very different. States would have had the power to separate from the Confederation and there may have never been a "Civil War". On the other hand, European powers may have "encouraged" such a separation in order to weaken the upstart American States U
  6. You got the first question correct!
  7. Which Constitutional Amendment gives the people the power to enforce all other provisions of the Constitution?
  8. Of course there should ... as long as I get to create the test and control the grading process.
  9. BTW, I was an expat for several years in both the countries that I commented about. I agree completely that level of happiness anywhere varies by individual. I wouldn't mind living in either one of those countries again, but their immigration laws prevent that (until I become much wealthier. ) Incidentally, Trump's proposals on changes to limit US immigration are very similar to those countries.
  10. I'm glad that there are two countries with tolerable climate in the list. Unfortunately if you are over 50 neither will let you immigrate unless you have millions and are willing to invest it in a business there. They also speak English, have friendly people, strict gun control laws, busybody governments, high taxes, socialized medicine, and voting is mandatory.
  11. I agree, although keeping the garden safe from deer and opossums means only gardening in containers here. Bell, Gamba, Romanian Sweet, Serrano, Pimento, Brazil starfish, Fresno, Thai, Mexican Cherry Bomb, and paprika peppers, limas, black-eyes, celery, basil, oregano, and cherry tomatoes.
  12. Congrats, Bill. Thanks for the generous, excellent Karma, Rod. 👍
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