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  1. That's my ears' favorite combination, too, Jim, assuming a competent recording and music that I enjoy. 👍
  2. Does vinyl sound better than CD? Which do you prefer, the sound of a vinyl record or that of a CD? It is a topic that has spurred many a heated debate… While we won’t argue your preference, when discussing which format sounds better from a technical perspective, there is a clear winner. In today’s video, Disc Makers CEO Tony van Veen discusses which format delivers superior sound by addressing a number of key factors, including: - Dynamic range - Volume - Bass - Analog warmth - Player environment - Wear
  3. Thanks! I'll be listening to streaming "Happy Birthday" on a Carver TFM-22 and a Ten Octave LP1 while enjoying the "cake"!
  4. I'm glad to hear you're nearing the end of your journey to great sounding Maggies. I haven't heard the MG12's. I have heard several other non-ribbon Maggies: MG1.6QR, MMGs, LRS's. They all lacked the pleasant and realistic sound of MG2.5R's, MG2.6R's, MGIIIa's, MG3.3R's, and MG3.6R's, even when driven with the same Carver amps. I've had great results on those Maggies (with ribbon tweeters) using Carver TFM22, TFM24, TFM42, and m4.0t amps. I had also tried a Pioneer Elite HT receiver (90w/ch) and a 200w/ch Emotiva LPA-1 HT amp with Maggies. The Pioneer was lacking in bass (probably due to lower power) and the Emotiva was lacking the Carver's sweet tube like sound.
  5. Such sad news. Barry's spirit was indomitable. I'll miss him.
  6. That's terrific, Jim. Really good news! The downside is you'll have to defend the factory without an AR (unless Will brings his cat.)
  7. Vinyl Sales Surpass CDs For The First Time Since 1987 https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/vinyl-sales-surpass-cds-first-time-1987
  8. For excellent entertainment, I can recommend the Jack Reacher series of books by Lee Child. https://www.jackreacher.com/us/the-jack-reacher-books-in-order/ Lee Child has referred to Reacher on multiple occasions as a 'knight-errant'[9][12] and in an interview for Time magazine describes the character as: "(He's) two things in one. On the surface, he is an ex-military cop who is suddenly dumped out into the civilian world. He doesn't fit in, and he spends his time wandering America, seeing the things that he's never had time to see before. He's trying to stay out of trouble, but masterfully once a year getting into trouble. He's also the descendant of a very ancient tradition: the noble loner, the knight errant, the mysterious stranger, who has shown up in stories forever… He is a truly universal character... I'm writing the modern iteration of a character who has existed for thousands of years." These are also great books to take on a vacation or to have by the hammock or on the screened porch for summer.
  9. Unintended Consequences by John Ross The novel includes a fascinating history of the "gun culture" in the US, and factual history of the federal government's actions, both legal and illegal, against people who enjoy their 2nd amendment rights. Examples: Bonus Army March on Washington, D.C. (1932) Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (1943) Battle of Athens, Tennessee (1946) Ken Ballew raid (1971) 1985 MOVE bombing in Philadelphia (1985) FBI shootout in Miami, Florida (1986) The characters are complex and heroic, and the plot moves along well. I found it difficult to put it down once I started reading it. It has become a cult classic and books are selling for north of $100, with signed copies for much more. (The author passed away in 2022.) See link below for a free download. Free download: https://archive.org/details/unintended-consequences-by-John-Ross
  10. I couldn't agree more, AJ, as you probably guessed from my nickname here. Listening to the complete audio book of Atlas Shrugged is a fantastic way to drive coast to coast, too. (OK, it would probably take several such drives to hear it all.)
  11. Congrats on the amp purchase and welcome to the neighborhood!
  12. Sir Brian May joked that his knees 'just about' held out at the ceremony at Buckingham Palace https://www.rt.com/pop-culture/573014-queen-brian-may-knighted/
  13. Hope you have a great birthday, Jenny!
  14. Yes it will be censored. And here's the reason: No one has ever come to me and said, 'you know, I really love the site because you allow people to argue and get into tiffs over sensitive topics. That's rare for the internet - great job!' Instead, I get, 'This is an AUDIO FORUM. We should be talking about music and audio gear...just like the good ole days in 2008 when NO ONE EVER got into arguments!' lmao I'm not claiming the change makes sense. It's a change and we'll see where it takes us. Greg, I have no issue with your making decisions on this site. You built it and it's yours, imo. I agree that the reason the site exists is to discuss audio topics and providing information on audio. My only reason for posting a comment on free speech is that I see people complaining in order to have comments restricted because they have been successful doing that elsewhere. Shouting down differing opinions has resulted in restriction of those differing opinions. As a result, they go on shouting down and restricting opinions of others regardless of whether the content of those opinions is rational or has value. As long as they are successful in doing this, they will continue to do it (as they apparently have in this case.) The long term result will be less participation by those who have had their opinions censored. That is their goal and that is in opposition to the goals you have expressed for this site.
  15. So you're saying that the site will now be censored of free speech because a few people can't tolerate that others have a different opinion, even when that free speech is restricted to a specific thread?
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