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  1. Never heard of him, so, no.
  2. Tolerating cat-calls and censoring conversations. https://www.ericpetersautos.com/2022/10/30/cat-calling/ "If a person is antagonistic toward a group of people on account of race or religion or some other such non-specific attribute, that will become clear enough soon enough – and that person’s arguments or statements can be picked apart on the basis of sloppiness, inaccuracy and disingenuousness (after a pattern has been established, after it becomes clear that contrary facts aren’t acknowledged and the person’s arguments and statements change to reflect the chastening effect of truth). That person’s statements and arguments can then be dismissed as wrong, without resorting to cat-calling. ... A free society cannot exist without questioning and criticism, whether right or wrong and however uncomfortable certain topics may make some people feel. A free society requires people who can think – and aren’t cat-called for doing so. Even when what they think – and say – is racist or anti-Semitic. ... But there are also worse people. They are the people who use those terms to cat-call people who aren’t those things but who make statements or raise questions they’d rather not address, often because they are true and the truth can be very threatening, to falsehood. We’ve had an object lesson about that over the course of the past almost three years now. The lies told us about “the virus,” which were used to further worse lies about “masks” – and then on to “vaccines” – which nearly led to camps – show us what happens when such lies are protected by accusing those who dare to question them as being “anti,” as being “deniers.” And there is still the road ahead of us, with a fork in it. Truth, however uncomfortable – or the suppression of it, in the name of false comfort."
  3. Rational thinkers consider the veracity of any source of information. When a source has been shown to be lying repeatedly to advance an agenda, and/or has repeatedly censored rational opposing opinions, that source is no longer trustworthy, e.g., the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Fox, WHO, CDC, FDA, FBI et al. Rational thinkers search for reliable, truthful sources without an outside incentive, financial or otherwise, to verify what they read. Brainwashed people gullibly often believe anything they are told and rarely consider the source or the underlying agenda of any source. Brainwashed people project their irrationality on those who disagree with the propaganda lies that they have irrationally accepted.
  4. If only they'd superglue their genitals shut forever.
  5. Ah, yes, the excuse repeated by every propagandist against any possibility of conspiracy. And, of course, without mentioning any specifics that could allow an open, free discussion of facts and evidence. Some people are very good at their jobs including planning for alternatives given less than optimal results of Plan A. Sometimes even the backup plans are still not enough and the conspiracy is discovered, albeit covered up as long as possible by the corrupt media. For example: Global Warming Hoax, Man-made Climate Change Hoax, Lab Creation of COVID Virus Hoax, Non-Effectiveness of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine Against COVID Hoax, Effectiveness of So-called COVID "vaccines" Hoax, Safety of so-called COVID Vaccines Hoax, Electric Vehicle Zero Pollution Hoax. All these were called conspiracy theories by media and government. ALL HAVE BEEN PROVEN AS CONSPIRACIES IN FACT. Please get a vasectomy and don't pollute the gene pool.
  6. Just be sure to wash the bottle well before drinking. Local dogs in Mexico love to piss on bottled corona cases stacked outside. (I was told they purposely stack the clear bottled Corona in the sun as a fast "aging" process to give the beer its distinctive taste. Ha-ha-ha.)
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