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Now it is time to figure out how to proceed.  When all the parts were finally connected I listened even with the lite static  and indicator lights were on. Now the hum remains but there is no other sound. Every device lights up (even ones plugged into  the back  of the CT-7).  The screen that displays the tuner is completely dark but the red power indicator is on as with the other control indicators some work but not all. I am looking for useful thoughts and pathways please...

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Uneven decay of the power supply is a known cause of turn off thumps and squeals. Has your 1.5 ever been recapped? The CT-7 looks just as bad as the CT-17. I would open it up and inspect the PS board for obvious signs of failure. There are multiple boards associated with tuner and display. I had a problem in a CT-17 that was similar. Check diodes.

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