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  1. Does it have a free sticker? I can recall some rather large collections of Royal Reserve "Proud Canadian"
  2. Mine stay on for months at a time and I use them daily. If it were a system with infrequent use, I would power down. With my main system, I power down when any cable switching or speaker swaps occur. Turn off thumps and meter lamp replacement are minimized. If there was any noise when amps idle, it would be noticed immediately because it's normally dead silent. Come to think of it, it's time to put the PM-1.5 back into the mix. Thank-you and welcome to the fold. Welcome @DaveyDick
  3. 2001 FXD bought new in 2000. Stock (carburated) TC88 motor, V&H staggered duals, solo seat, tach, highway pegs, throw-over soft bags, chrome covers and controls. Luxury blue pearl paint and spokes were the options I changed from the pearl white and mags it was scheduled for prior to build date.
  4. What are the dimensions of the gundry board?
  5. Montreal smoked meat sandwich just now. Giant Tiger was my secret stash before today. I bought the last pack plus a loaf of rye bread while out on a mission today. MMMMMMMMMM smoked meat.....
  6. Always do, cheers to CS! and all the cool people here.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Little known band from Toronto. They disappeared with barely a trace left and these files are all I have left on an old SD card. Techno-Rock/Psychedelic/Metal/Dance kinda groove.
  8. I'm with Turbo on this one. My purebred black lab was the best of all the dogs I have owned. He died in his sleep at 15 years old.
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