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  1. Nahash5150


    Before many of these articles get wiped. My how perceptions have changed: https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2020-03-05/flu-killed-more-people-coronavirus-covid-19
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  3. Happy Birthday Bill! Hope your day is easy going!
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    It's always good to see you. I hope you and your family stay healthy and vigilant.
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    Friendship is magic.
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    @RichP714 I wasn't angry. I much like going back and forth over perspectives for the purpose of learning and honing my own perspective, as well as gaining more information and facts. Debate isn't comfortable, but that's okay by me. If I find you say something that feels too stabby and out of bounds, then I'll just point it out...like I did. But I have no hard feelings my friend - I have thick skin. I also well understand how tragic this is and how much everyone wants to know what to do and how to best react to it. And cheer on their political biases so meh - it happens! I don't know who or what you're referring to specifically, but I'll just assume it was me since I got into the woods about risk and mitigation. The risk statistics come from the experts. 99% of the time, people are just talking about the data that scientists are doctors are publishing. The data shows that the disease thrives on the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, drugs, etc. What such discussion help us do is figure out what the actual risks are and whether or not the world around us is behaving appropriately. This is purely a mental exercise though - I certainly don't mean it to ever imply that some people are just 'expendable'. Anyone can die of a viral infection. The question is, what makes some more vulnerable than others? What circumstances create it? What can we do to protect those at risk without putting everyone at risk? How dangerous is the disease really? People tend to default to this situation as being extremely dangerous to everyone and take all precautions they can to avoid infection and feel deep sympathy for their family and friends and even people they see struggling and dying on TV. I get all that and my heart suffers with you and everyone else. I have a dear friend in New York that is sick with his autistic son and his elderly wife. They're all extremely miserable and scared. Now that this is hitting home, people are feeling the horror of this very closely, and it can tell you - I get it. It's fucking horrible. But if I may. I also insist on keeping a clear head, and examine all the facts, and ensure that I'm well grounded in what is happening. There are lies and distortions out there - this world is not safe, ever. And I don't want my family and friends to be under the boot of some demagogue exploiting fear to secure power and control, and I don't want them to be afraid of something that isn't harmful, and I don't want them to lose respect for themselves or others, nor treat other people as if they are threatening their life just by standing there. Fear is very dangerous. Things can unravel very quickly. And it's no way to live. So, in my opinion, it's best to bring it all to light, tell the truth, and be humbled by it.
  7. Nahash5150


    I have always acknowledged that the immune system is complex, as well as the body as a whole. That is why it is easy for medical treatment to fail, especially if faced with systemic conditions. That is why I relent to overall wellness, not just 'strength'. There are common practices that anyone can understand to better prepare themselves for infection. As an herbalist, knowledge is power, but I don't need to know every little detail about how the body works because I'm not trying to control it, I only seek to aid it when it communicates its need. But when forced to explain why I believe what I believe, I can tangle. But really, all I have urged is wellness. If you can't trust in wellness, then you can't trust anything a doctor purports to 'fix'. The layperson doesn't need to understand all the possibilities of immune responses. It knows exactly what to do. They only need to understand that they have the power in themselves and with their lifestyle to significantly increase their survival and avoidance, from 'avoidable' disease. Catching the coronavirus is not the death sentence it is often presented to be. Not even the WHO was overly concerned about the outbreak at first. This DID catch the world by surprise. It also appears that its lethality is changing, and so far, we don't know if it demographic or if it is mutating to that extent. More data is still needed. But anyway, people are scared. And I think it's totally misplaced. At worse, the Medical Industry seeks to profit and dominate from it, at best, people have just forgotten that they are responsible for their own health first. It's easily substantiated. Europe - not prepared. Russia - not prepared. China - not prepared. South Korea - surprised, but prepared. Et al... California - not prepared. New York - not prepared. Many states, such as Michigan, totally not prepared and actually, very incompetent up to now. Hospitals - not prepared, with perhaps a few exceptions (I worked for a large hospital that was preparing for infection disease outbreaks, and as far as I know, they're doing fine so far). All that on top of the fact that China is hard to trust, the media is hard to trust, and indeed, the medical industry is hard to trust sometimes. Just because some people have to step up and own this and make mistakes in the process doesn't mean they are to blame. And I take it a step further, we should all own it. Bravely. Like men. I want to see every governor succeed. Every leader, succeed. I want them all to make the right choices. And better choices are made when we can focus on the real threat, instead of multiple political and emotional ones.
  8. Nahash5150


    That's rather uncalled for Rich. I never attacked your 'credibility' to participate in a discussion. I trust that anyone here can take or leave ideas, and if there's anything they want to know more about, can check for themselves. Still, you're quite literally superimposing your own biases on the country. The supply and preparedness is most certainly arguable (as to whom to blame since that is everyone's mindset right now), but there's hardly a reason to get into the details. My take is far more appropriate. The Medical Industry is a powerful, influential, extremely wealthy (both personally and institutionally) and highly trusted institution in the United States and enjoys many liberties, powers and funding from the government as to how it conducts its business. Just as they control the dialog on this outbreak, they have always controlled the preparedness and supply. You can say all you want about the politicians you hate, but we are NOT a centralized power. Hospital networks, drug companies, medical establishments of all kinds could have taken initiative for their own sakes, to be prepared for this after SARS, MERS and Swine flue just as Asian countries did. They are the people in the know about infections and diseases, and insist they are in the know, and now they're showing up all over TV and YouTube as if they are in the know and still, to my astonishment, are blaming everyone but themselves for this. You want to talk about gas lighting again? Medical Doctors and other Medical Professions OWN medical care and prevention and INSIST on it. This is their circus and now they need a huge government, and citizen, bailout. They were more interested in getting easy money from the government than in thinking about peoples' health. And that isn't new - that's their norm. We're just now seeing it as a hole (pun intended), just as we saw our national defense weakness with 911. Dependency breeds incompetence. And I know from personal experience, questioning the Medical Establishment makes you a villain in our culture. I have studied and worked on my own wellness way before this happened. I have always talked about herbs, wellness and immunity with my friends and family. So my approach to this is typical for me. I don't care if the virus turns you into a donkey - your immune system and overall wellness is ultimately what really matters and people have much more power over it than they think. I've personally seen people overcome diseases that 'have no cure' (including myself). So I'm not an idealist, I'm a witness. We won't have a vaccine for at least 18 months. We won't get any cures, ever. We won't be able to depend on Medical Doctors or politicians. The reason this is such a mess here in the US (and elsewhere for that matter) is because people do not take responsibility for their health. It's a bad word. It makes for uncomfortable conversation. People in general do not respect viruses, and they in turn do not respect how their lifestyle effects their immunity. The Medical Industry, as well as the Food Industry, dressed this table. Not a stupid political party. Only your immune system can save you, and that includes your cleanliness. All the crap about politics and supply is way far away from what people should be focused on. It's too late now. We're far into this and 'last year' doesn't matter anymore. Tomorrow matters. So the good thing about all this, is that people are suddenly aware of how weak their bodies are, and how powerful nature is. That's a damn good place to start with humility. Your doctor can't save you, so take your health into your own hands. Get prepared on your own, in your own house. Reliance on a man in a white house is stupid, no matter where he's from or what letter is before his name. That's not a guarantee by any means. In fact, it's very rare. Such actions by an immune response, as I've said before, are due to abnormal behavior. Typically because of drugs, symptom suppression, constipation, disease or neglect by the doctor. All kinds of diseases can have this effect, literally hundreds. Pneumonia is a systemic condition and can lead to hyper-active or completely abnormal immune response. This is well known from our experience with treating diseases like cancer (which is also systemic, but categorized for scientific purposes). And so it's no accident that over 75% of cancer cases are attributed to lifestyle alone...and risk of pneumonia, if you'd care to look into it a bit further, is closely related to lifestyle choices as well. So the virus doesn't really cause this to the lungs, like, 'coronavirus is a lung destroying disease'. The virus can cause such inflammation and tissue destruction almost anywhere in the body. This has been observed. But it's not special in that regard, most viruses are capable of hiding in cells if they are receptive. (In fact, I don't know for sure but I know that some cell types are capable of receiving a virus but can't replicate it. So it may be the case that certain lung cells are what are known as 'susceptible' but don't replicate the virus, so can remain 'abnormal' until destroyed). A virus is opportunistic. It is not known as a matter of fact that this virus is cytotoxic, at least the way you are implying it is. It's typical for viruses to hide inside of cells, and it can greatly infect tissues and damage them without ever revealing itself until later, when the killer T's start finding abnormal tissue cells. This is 'viral cytotoxicity', and our immune system is well prepared to do battle this way, however, the response is slow, anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. Patients that suffer from hyper immune response typically have constipated, waste ladened organs and blood. Doctors can't clean up patients that show up in an emergency - they have to work with what they have. And so when this particular virus strikes, it becomes systemic in some patients, and there really isn't much they can do to stop it. Moreover, the fact that many people no longer have tonsils is a HUGE problem. Pretty sure it was the 60's to 80's generation where there was widespread tonsil removals because of swelling, and some odd belief that they weren't really necessary. It just so happens that your tonsils are vital to an appropriate immune response. While the tonsils may not house immune cells and reproduce them, like say the bone marrow, the tonsils sample and communicate invasive pathogens and prepare an immune response. This is a very significant reason why many vaccines, especially those for diseases that enter our bodies through the nose and throat, are not very effective in training appropriate immune response. The immune system is intrinsically related to your body as a whole, and is aware of the environments you are in, because of organs like the tonsils. So when you just inject a pathogen into your bloodstream, you're not engaging other organs in the process, especially the organs than receive the pathogen. So you've informed adaptive immunity, but not innate immunity, which includes much more than just your immune cells. So when a virus enters your lungs and wrecks havoc on your tissues that face the outside of the body, great damage can be done before the antibodies can actually do anything. Just one of the many reasons why flu vaccines are by no means a guarantee of any kind and always fall into risk management, not immunity. And so I am forced to wonder how many critical cases are of people without tonsils. I've seen no data in this regard. And part of me is not surprised. Peace.
  9. @oldtexasdog Port 443 is the default port for 'https' secure websites, such as this site. Are you having trouble with any other https sites like Ebay? Try this: Type 'CMD' in Windows Search and right click the 'Command Line Prompt' Application and 'Run as Administator'. Then type, "telnet microsoft.com 443" If you get a blinking cursor, your port 443 is open on your end. If you get a message that reads 'Connection Failed' then you need to check your Windows Firewall settings or your Router Settings or your VPN settins. (If telnet doesn't work on your command line, go to the Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Feature On or Off > Check the Box next to 'Telnet Client')
  10. Nahash5150


    We cannot remain in shutdown like this. We need an exit strategy, regardless of the fact people want the orange man to look bad before an election. You cannot put politics before the well being of millions of people who are actually doing a great job of sacrificing everything for a handful of sick people. Cool - Dr. Z was just talking about this too... https://zdoggmd.com/covid-exit/?fbclid=IwAR2zDf8XEfJer6vIj93uw8wqe-OpGGy38fSFxFNj1wsVfcEZ_qBSe-AXJmY
  11. Nahash5150


    No, I haven't. I'm not suggesting this situation doesn't suck. It does. But with all the politics and drama, I feel like I have to sick my foot out on the merry-go-round now and then because the narrative is insanity! I've watched doctors talk about this disease, and how it related to others. I'm aware of the O2 pressure problem and I agree this disease makes it more problematic, but distress cases are just, well, it's just part of any outbreak. Naturally there are some unique cases but they are rare. That's just the math. In both Italy and China so far the hospital loads were high for a couple weeks then they tapered off. The prevailing link of distressed patients is underlying health conditions...they're already dying in most cases. This complicates treatment severely. We cannot save everyone! It's impossible because people are supposed to die. It's our nature to die. We're talking a couple weeks of ill people streaming in, then it goes away. It's going to go away! Look Rich - I'm all for people doing everything they can to avoid becoming a statistic. All for it. But my approach is not conventional because frankly, I know better. I know that disease is a fact of life and medical science, as useful as it is, will never remove that fact in our lifetimes or many more lifetimes to come. I accept my mortality, but I do not accept being dependent on politicians or medical doctors if I can avoid it. I believe people can avoid this disease if they do the right things. Even if they are sick or old or both - I believe people have the power to make enough cumulative good choices to save their own lives and shed their fear. This disease is not a freight train, it's a dust storm. If you don't get ready, it could be dangerous. If you're prepared, it just passes by. But it's up to 'us', not 'them'. btw, stress weakens your immune system. Stay calm everyone.
  12. Nahash5150


    Not unique to covid-19 by any stretch. This has always been the conundrum of pneumonia. Pneumonia is a systemic condition that only the very weak or ill eventually contract. There is nothing special about this coronavirus that leads to a disease any more dangerous than other viruses in its family. The illusion promoted is that this is a special 'more deadly' virus. It's not. It does what all viruses do - gets into the respiratory system, enters cells and replicates. Our immune response is the same against coronavirus or influenza. As I've said before, medical methodology about how to treat pneumonia is ever evolving. Doctors are trying more advanced, more experimental ways and drugs to treat it. It should be no drastic surprise that the results are unusual. Medical doctors are hell bent on controlling the body, and easing the patient's pain. It's our expectation now. It's got complications. It's a force of nature outside of our control. We have some 'resistance' to it by knowing what it is and how to slow its spread and to some degree, how to help people recover from it, but we can't stop it. The expectation that politicians have any control over this is drastically misplaced and has no precedent. Mitigation via being careful and staying clean is the best we can do. But I don't think it's nature's immune system. While I accept that nature is just as intelligent as we are (because we're no different), I don't know if I'd go that far! But then again... Thanks for the clarification - if true. In that case, I agree. Antibiotics need to be used very carefully. It was a hard lesson to learn, but thankfully, Medical Research has changed their paradigm, thankfully.
  13. Nahash5150


    this coronavirus is hardly a superbug. It spreads rapidly because it is a very mild infection. H1N1 spread throughout the world just as easily, and that was a pretty bad cold - I caught that one. But there wasn't nearly the media-gasm about it like this, even though it caused 19,000 deaths worldwide and infected upwards of 500 million. It too, caused ARDS, just like the seasonal flu. However, once the media got over it and found something else to panic about, the H1N1 pandemic was ignored and countries just stopped testing for it and tracking it. So the overall infection and death rate are not known. Bet you didn't know that the flu causes the same disease as coronavirus. Well, it does. The real problem around all this is the arrogance of control. For whatever reason, we now expect things like this be under our control. This reckless arrogance is what is causing all the drama, conflicts and total uproar surrounding this situation. The virus itself is fairly innocuous, but because it's new, doctors around the world are having a hard time dealing with it because there are no treatments to address it specifically. Medical doctors rely on methods. They are not really trained to 'wing it'. They avoid such guess work actually, because it's a liability to their practice. The complicated nature of all this is totally unappreciated. Like I pointed out above, there are no 'standards' on testing, on what counts as a 'case', what counts as a 'death' and so on. For instance, is it considered a covid 'death' if a person dies of a heart attack but tests positive for coronavirus? How do we know for certain that all deaths reports are from COVID-19, which is specifically, ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). We don't. For all we know, people are dying from choking but because they test positive for coronovirus, it's a death tally. So really, what's reliable about this is the political conflicts. This is a political crisis. The virus is just a weapon in the war over power.
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