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  1. The Stereo Dog has returned... You can use this to rotate them: https://www5.lunapic.com/editor/ Works great with my Android, not sure with iPhone.
  2. Yeah that looks amazing. Great mkII upgrade candidate.
  3. If you read the guide to the Member Map, it clearly states the criteria for your profile, and that the member database has to be uploaded to Google Maps manually. So if you or others don't appear, they either a) don't have a valid location entered into their profile, or b) haven't been uploaded to Google yet. It's been a couple years since I have uploaded - and you're the first person to even make mention of the Member Map since then... I need to know what links you're talking about before I can fix them. But there is only one valid Member Map, and that is the one in the link I pro
  4. I think I already used Belinda so I changed it!
  5. Repost: From http://meanttobehappy.com/10-ways-you-too-can-stop-being-so-easily-offended/ “We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it.” ~ Abraham Lincoln Are you too easily offended? Here’s a test: Do you explode in fits of anger over little things? Do others say you make mountains out of mole hills? Do you frequently take things the wrong way? Do others feel they have to “walk on eggshells” around you? Do others consider you “high maintenance”? If so, your hypersensitivity is robbing you of happines
  6. Merry Christmas Carver heads! From, N e l i o n A u d i o
  7. And the new harnesses are on backorder until 2023. Oh and the toys he ordered are now double in price.
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