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  1. https://nelionaudio.com/index.php?/bobcarverletter/
  2. fyi - We fix and restore Sunfire and TGA7400's. Sunfire's are generally over engineered in many areas, and look to follow a peculiar design philosophy that in many ways, doesn't work. ie - The amp sections should not 'blow up' like they do and the TDC with all it's grand filtering isn't designed to handle a fault either. So even a seasoned tech will not be able to find his way through the woods of Sunfire's madness (and it is truly madness). Not for novices. Great amps when they work.
  3. Cabin 2 - looks like RobertR is 2 weeks, and Angelo is 1st week, Greg/Jenny and Brian (B-Man) is week 2. So Robert is looking for another 1st weeker...
  4. I'm sorry - I don't see any trouble whatsoever with the links. Inbounds can click on the HERE link on the mainpage and be brought right to the Welcome Forum. But now you're a Novice, so you pretty much have access to everything and can post pictures. No need to guess - all the details are on the Nelion Audio website. M1.5t restore and mkII upgrade C-1 restore and BillD upgrade
  5. @opusstuf There is a message at the top of the main page that reads like this: Welcome to TheCarversite! Please take a moment to introduce yourself HERE. Start a topic by clicking on the 'Start Topic' button at the top right of the screen when you arrive at the Welcome Shop. You must rank up to Novice before you can post pictures or download certain content. You will rank up after you receive over 5 positive reactions to your post. Don't worry - it's easy! - Administration So if you click on the HERE it takes you to the Welcome Shop Forum (where this topic currently is). As explained above, you can post all you want, but you have to be a Novice Rank to post pictures or downloads.
  6. I'll need a metal worker.
  7. I could make it pink...
  8. I told you I was going to do it! Now I just have to teach you how to use your new powers...
  9. Yes - that has irked Sir Robert to extreme disgust. He will be addressing that.
  10. @RobertR Has insisted to help with the manuals database, and other content that needs housecleaning. So I promoted him to Content Manager. He will be working with @wrf to convert the current 'manuals spreadsheet', to an actual database using the site's engine. He will also be correcting any spelling or grammatical errors along the way...so watch out!
  11. Our dear friend, Eddie Mackiewicz ( @Eddie ) has passed away today. Eddie was so awesome. Always joyful, and funny as hell. I'll never forget his thick, burly Jersey accent. I'm sure he's off to Sto'Vo'Kor now... Our deepest sympathy and condolences for his family and close friends. RIP my friend.
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