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  1. Don't use ammonia on faceplates. Use TSP liquid substitute if you must clean 'smells' from it. Many cleaners will either wipe the silk screening off, stain the anodizing, or weaken both in the long term.
  2. @Turbo Correct! Her hips don't lie.
  3. @Buck115 Incorrect! Sorry.
  4. Jimi Hendriks and Janis Joplin.
  5. Nahash5150


    And while we're all so worried about what Fauci says and this new 'surge' and presidential polls, China's aggression is building and building against its neighbors, and it's getting really ugly. Talk about public health...what about a massive Pacific War? All because WHO members want an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus and China won't allow it. In fact, they are making threats, interfering with supply chains and moving their military into hostile positions against other countries who dare insist on exposing the truth. The CCP has been killing its own people to keep it all quiet - they will kill other people without hesitation. In fact, our own politicians, media and celebs have been totally silent about the real tyrant and liar, which is China, in all this. I wonder what this means.
  6. Nahash5150


    You should never worry about it. Stress and fear weakens your immune system. Being positive, taking good care of yourself, and being kind to others will defeat this pandemic much more easily than trying to constantly pound people over the head with how miserable things are and how inescapably dangerous the virus is. It's all a political spin, designed around an election year. --- Keep the politics out of it and your survival chances will increase dramatically. Besides, why does it matter so much what these people say? If you think they're full of shit then go your own way. I'm kinda shocked how sheepish and helpless people are acting about this. Would it make some feel better if Fauci compared all this to the end of the world and that most people will die and leave the survivors in a waterless toxic desert scraping for bugs to live a few more days? I still don't understand what people expect from the government when you have local leaders and health professions who are the only people who can actually make a real difference in your community. For christ's sake, why is everything always about the goddamn federal government? FUCK THEM. It shouldn't be any surprise that they're all out for their own interest. ALL of them. It's a cold virus. The experts have said from the very beginning the best we can do as a community is to slow the spread. It's going to spread, no matter what, as long as it maintains its vitality. Only two things stop it - herd immunity and/or die off. The expectation that the virus can be stopped by government policies or sympathetic pandering is madness. Exploitation of our natural fear of death and suffering. It's the same old thing, over and over again, as those in power clench their fists around our necks.
  7. Nahash5150


    It's far from new. We had SARS 2003. That was 18 years ago. This particular SARS 2 is just more contagious. In any case, it is cold virus. It's a different kind of cold that we're used to, but it's basically a cold. It also skews the data to include ALL deaths and hospitalizations with coronavirus positively tested, as opposed to deaths because of covid-19. But just because some people aren't afraid of this, or freaking out about the damage the virus can cause, doesn't mean we don't care about people. I think it's a false equivalence to suggest that the level of emotional response equates to caring response, which equates to reality response. I care very much about family and friends, my country, and ALL the people in it. That's why I seek the truth regardless of my feelings. Always. "What is truth?" "Truth is the mind conformed to real things." - St. Thomas Aquinas
  8. Nahash5150


    Oh god. I'm so scared now.
  9. Hello!The Carver M1.0t is sounding wonderful!The other day I turned it on and there was a very loud buzzing,vibration coming from the transformer??Kinda scared me!!Today turned on and all is fine.Not sure what might have occurred.Wondered if you had ever experienced this event or had other customer’s experience this.Thanks for any information!

    1. Nahash5150


      If you turned it off, then after just a couple seconds or minutes turned it back on again, it tends to bark a little louder when it starts up.

    2. Tomcat


      Okay thanks!Really a nice sounding amp!If it ever needs repair again,Your the guy I’m contacting!👍Cheers!! Tom.

  10. Nahash5150


    Saul Alinski's rules for radicals (SOURCE: HIS BOOK): 11) "If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside. Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog." 12) "The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative." 13) "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions." The coronavirus crisis was never about public health but about power. The arguments are over the wrong details. Call them distractions. Whether it is about masks, lockdowns or protests, nothing changes what really matters, which is how well you take care of yourself. Somehow, this was all made about politics, as if no one has access to their local doctors and health care professionals for advise. If a doctor can comment on TV with authority on what is 'right' or 'wrong' about how to care for yourself, then he can do so to his own community and leave the rest of us alone. It doesn't matter what you die from. It matters how you live. Freedom and law ...The absolute dependence of freedom upon law known and obeyed applies not only to our relations with the universe, but to the conduct of our own selves in their inmost reality. Man is not the one lawless object in the universe. Man is not a being so universally adaptable that it does not matter what he does or what is done to him, does not matter in what ways he treats himself or others treat him, because he thrives equally well under all possible treatments. Such a being, indeed, is inconceivable. Of any being at all it must be true that some sorts of treatment are good for it and others bad for it, some help it to be more fully itself, some hinder and cripple it. Man is not a chaos any more than the universe is; and as he learns the laws that govern himself, he is freer. The dependence of freedom upon law is invariable. Looking at man, with no views already formed as to the nature of law, an observer would say that he is subject to bodily and mental laws, and that he subjects himself to moral laws. The first two, which may roughly be lumped together as physical laws, the observer might see as the statement of how bodies and minds work, so that men would be wise to act accordingly. The moral laws he might feel as being in a different category - man thinking that this is what God wants and that it would be virtuous to act accordingly. So feeling, the observer would be only partly right. That God's command gives the moral law a new quality that the physical laws have not got is true. But the moral laws are, just as much as the physical laws, statements of how things work. Moral laws are not optional If you contravene the bodily laws, you will have disease, deformity and death. If you contravene the laws by which the mind works you will be kept from discovering the truth, so that there will be a veil between you and reality; if you collide too hard with them, the result might be insanity. The moral laws are just as objective. They are for the handling of the whole man, and for the direction of the whole life, but they are laws all the same - statements that reality is like that, therefore we must act like that or take the consequences. The moral laws, like the physical laws, tell us how to handle ourselves harmoniously with reality. We must not think that whereas physical laws operate with or without our consent, we have a choice about the moral laws: for they are not simply rules that it is virtuous to observe: they too operate. In this matter the position is exactly the same for both. We can treat either set of laws as though it does not exist. But that is the limit of our choice: we have no choice about the consequences in the one or in the other. The law of justice is as much a law as the law of gravity (the latter is more easily discoverable, but not therefore more important- more beneficial in its observance, more catastrophic in its ignoring). Every sort of consequence flows from this. Because each is a law, we cannot break either. We can ignore them or flout them, by walking over a cliff, for instance, or stealing: but the law of gravity is not broken in the one case or the law of justice in the other. Both laws continue to operate and it is we who are broken. Material law or moral law, either way you are living under God's law: and that applies to every creature of God from the ruler downwards. - Society and Sanity, by Frank Sheed
  11. The mkII designs, information and use of the brand are given freely for those who wish to pursue DIY rebuild or repair. It has been a long standing assumption of courtesy that if you flip units or perform the mod to sell that you either ask for permission or become a member of the Carver Repair Team. I have seen some outrageously poor (and dangerous) work out there, as well as people getting stiffed by so called techs that claim they can do this mod (and fail). It shouldn't be necessary to remind people that if you use someone else's brand that you at the very least ask for permission. The mkII brand carries value for a reason, and it will be protected. (A failed blue LED mod. Instead of repairing the circuit, the LED driver ribbon cable was cut, the terminal removed, and wired haphazardly into the PCB. It didn't work very well either. Much of this kind of work seems to work for a while then fails (then it gets sent to me under the assumption I fix it for free)) (Destroyed traces are a COMMON sight on amps worked on by both 'professional' shops as well as DIYers. Think before you buy! Do not hire just anyone willing to work for cheap.) (More ruined traces and a quick not-so-covert cover up.) ("Upgraded Signal Path!!!" Unfortunately, the capacitors were mounted wrong, causing intermittent failures and eventually a totally blown channel. But at least they used Audio Grade capacitors...) (Upgraded op amps!! I guess we all have a different idea about the word 'UPgraded'.) Look - we all make mistakes and travel up the learning curve, but seriously, some of this is inexcusable. Carver Repair Team members DO NOT offer warranty services to just any claimed 'mkII' amplifier. The Carver Repair Team members are extremely generous, helpful and go out of their way to make the mkII brand, as well as other modification pursuits - a reliable, durable and supported project. There are no sellers or services on Ebay that have permission to use the mkII brand. There are no products offered outside of this site and Nelion Audio that are 'official' mkII products. So please use caution! If you're not sure about something offered on Ebay, just ask me! That said, if you have an official mkII amplifier performed by your truly, you may contact me on my business email SERVICE@NELIONAUDIO.COM for an official sticker to place on the unit. Please do not PM me for stickers. I can't keep track in a busy PM box with topics and requests of all sorts. The sticker greatly enhances the amplifier's overall performance and listening experience.
  12. @Pbernard1949 PM sent.
  13. The 'unsecured' block gets ya all the time... @Brian_at_HHH All you need is a security certificate for your website, then you can go https.
  14. @Sk1Bum The images are a raw link. I see no reason why they'd be blocked unless you are blocking some IP range on your end. Try loading the images on your phone using 4G or a different wi-fi network to see if that works.
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