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  1. Greg,


     I have a question that I trust you will have the best response for . Recently, I recapped an old rack ear C-9 along with replacing the RCA jacks. It worked just as expected and I was happy with it, so I sent it back to the customer. When she got it, she says that when switching in or out the narrow/wide button causes a pop. That was not the case for me at all. I want to know, having not heard that happening before, is there any idea that you would have as to what might cause this, and does it matter if the pop is little anyway? I don't want to do the wrong thing here, but I also don't want to chase ghosts if there is even a reason to.


       Thanks, Greg

    1. Nahash5150


      The narrow/wide switch is located in the early stage of the SH circuit, and so it tends to be a rather sensitive area for a mechanical, bouncy switch to introduce some noise. It's not uncommon to hear a light 'pop' on many SH iterations from this switch, so I personally wouldn't worry about it.


      Some people can be picky about such things though.

  2. Very high dynamic range does not sound good. Very high sampling rates (over 48kHz) is useless. Bit depth beyond 16bit isn't useful either. The problem with digital audio is not these numbers, but the shenanigans that audio companies have developed to 'save on costs' in DACs, Analog Filters and Media. However, some people swear by their 192kHz/24bit audio files. You won't ever change their minds.
  3. It's no fun being in a hospital...unless you make it fun somehow. Blessings and Strength to you Barry. We have you in our thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself!
  4. Happy Birthday Barry! Can you give us an update? How are you?
  5. Discussion over? Okay then... I'm going to shake up the staff of the forum. New mods, admins, etc. The forum deserves staff that are active and engaging. I think it's also beneficial to shift things around and give members a chance to participate in these roles.
  6. Sour-faced old men never change!
  7. I'm simply pointing out that audio topics are far more responsible for conflicts that have resulted in bitter battles, and have been the center of most of the disenfranchisement. That's just a fact. Therefore blaming 'politics' for disenfranchisement and attacks made against the site is rather flimsy, all things considered. People 'leave' for various reasons. It's usually personal conflict - whether it's real or not (that is, much of it is misunderstanding). Some people just don't take well to correction. So if a moderator manages their content then they think they're being picked on, etc. Then some get pissed because the community here in general just doesn't put up with their BS. I recall one member left because of something I said in the Live Chat. Accused me of promoting the fascism that lead to the Jan 6 'insurrection'. Guilty as charged. I'm a fascist nazi scumbag. Good thing I live in the land of the Free and home of the Brave where all people are accepted and all beliefs are tolerated, where discrimination is the greatest of sins, especially of one's personal values.
  8. The coke machine analogy was used in a specific context - that allowing political content reduces participation in audio topics. There's no disputing that political topics cause conflicts. That's the nature of politics and I would say, a necessary outcome. Political issues are contested because they often have no obvious solution. But audio is often no different. The most bitter and disenfranchising conflicts the site has ever had were over audio subjects! In a perfect world, the members are self-regulating. If they don't like a topic, they don't read it. If they disagree, they speak their mind and let it go. If there is a conflict, they don't make it personal. If it becomes personal, they reach out to the member in private and work it out. Stuff like that. Most of the time, members do these common sense things. However some will just attack the site. They condemn it, leave, and complain to other members behind the scenes to convince them they ought to leave too. They play victim and spread a dragnet of negativity throughout the community to cause more harm. Their victimhood becomes a strategic weapon, so negotiations often fail. This is part of the reason some senior members just don't want to see conflict at all.
  9. Jen is still recovering and doing pretty good. She can't work yet, but is able to do small things for now. We're dealing with vision issues as well. Her eyesight has suffered substantially... Also, I know some of you have gone through similar or worse. I'm not trying to steal any spotlight or act like I'm so special. Just wanted to post updates, especially for those I do business with. Life is life. Tragedy is the norm. Some of us lose the lottery in life and aren't destined for high social status or whatever. I'm just doing the best I can while everything seems to be fading away spiraling out of control.
  10. Badges are part of the engine software, and they work, but they have limitations I don't like. So I use an application call 'Awards' that is far better for Medals.
  11. I like incentives and awards for participation. We used to have medals, but the constant updates of the engine breaks the application that controls them. I really need to figure out a way to bring them back. So I'll work on the medals, stickers, and some other things to incentivize forum participation.
  12. Correct. Guests can only see a handful of forums in Audio Chain and Member Resources. Thanks for that Jim! Part of the reason I started this thread was to provide the opportunity for everyone to express their opinion about the change, and about the content of the site. The complaints seem to rely on the assumption that if we allow political discussions, or memes, that this takes away from other 'more relevant' topics. I don't see how that's possible...it's like saying having a coke machine in your store prevents people from buying vegetables. While I understand the basic idea - that this an audio site and that things like politics can be distracting - I don't think it presents a problem per se. I think some people just can't handle it, and just don't want to see it at all. This kind of emotional intolerance manifests as attacks on the site, not a rethinking of their own behavior or perspectives. (Shove me into shallow water before I get too deep...) Same goes for debates or arguments. Some people lose their minds over conflict. Strange thing is, I'm really good friends with just about everyone I've had an argument with. Starting with RichP. Fruit grows in compost. You should listen to people who disagree with you. And you should learn from your enemies - they'll tell you more than you want to know about yourself, and that's really helpful. My 2 cents.
  13. I know. Complaining is fun. AFAIK - the political meme thread didn't show in the Activity Feed. If it did, I could have fixed that. But like I said, it doesn't matter. The complaints are not concerned with accessibility. They're about the content no matter where it is. Some don't even want the Thunderdome here...even though it's full of warnings and doesn't show up anywhere except at the very bottom of the main page.
  14. I was going to say...you can scroll through the Activity Feeds and see everything you missed. You can even make your own Feed to see everything posted since your last visit or last 24 hours or...whatever time you want. To my knowledge, the main page Recent Topic Feeds don't scroll off too fast. If they ever do, I can always add more topics to display (any Admin can do this). ---- Moreover, there is a link on the Main Page on the right sidebar to take you directly to the Audio Topics and so one doesn't even have to look at the off-topic feeds. If @Charlie's News Topics ever become a bother, I can set up another topic feed just for News. That way, other Off-Topic stuff doesn't get blasted off. I'm here to solve problems. I can make things change. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEMS ARE. Don't complain - call me!
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