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  1. Don't pick on my ponies!
  2. I'd like to put this out there: I see nothing for a Phase Linear A30.
  3. This is where a person of reason stops, and a psychopath begins. I'd write an explanation, but I know you all too well. Negotiations have already failed, so I don't see that changing. I'll just cut to the chase, since it's my job to protect this community from people like you. You're an extremely cruel and completely irrational person. You need help. Later gator.
  4. I am in the process of updating the site again. Expect some changes and as always, please politely report any problems you experience on the site (no one is out to get you, updating isn't an event, it's a process) Thank you!
  5. The C-1 has been claimed by a thoughtful member here. Thank you!
  6. let me know if you decide to power up this unit and what you thin about it sound quality.

  7. What are you talking about? I have been giving advice and helping out however I can. I haven't said anything about you or your motives. Timmyjim is entitled to his opinion in an open forum so if you don't think he's worth listening to then just block him and carry on. Sheesh.
  8. All, I'm sorry to inform you that 'Papajoe' Joe Casalino has passed away. Joe was a member here for a long time. I will never forget the time he tried to repair a Carver M1.0t and the back and forth between him and RichP, and some of me too! He was a real riot. That thread was epic. So much fun. (yes, I was a troll) He was very good with a welder...not so good with a soldering iron. Anyway, he was a super guy and was always very supportive of the site. He will be missed. *** Joe sent me a C-1 to restore for him. I haven't started on it yet. His wife wants me to sell it. She has no use for it and 'doesn't know how to use it'. [UPDATE: The C-1 has been claimed] The C-1 is in excellent condition (it's just dirty, not flaking or scratched on the buttons or faceplate). It can serve to be a very fine unit for a long time and because the faceplate and buttons are in such great shape, it will look great too! The RCA jacks are also still in excellent condition. The top cover does have scratches.
  9. The Carver C-1000 is a very nice unit. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about it to give it a full review. I have one here that a client wants to sell, but out of fear I haven't been using it...maybe I should...
  10. Nice 12V regulator design from 1980 M1.5 If the 2200uF cap is hot, then it's more like a resistor than a capacitor, so I imagine you'd be seeing more of a rectified waveform than a DC approximation.
  11. If you doubled the capacitance, then you increased the in-rush current. This is probably okay, but I imagine that would cause some transformer groaning. So am I to understand that the buzzing is heard from the speakers for 30 seconds then it goes away? If that is the case, it's probably the DTC malfunctioning. Put your DC meter on an output transistor collector and tell me what the voltage is when it starts up, then after 30 seconds. There will be a PNP (MJL1302) and a NPN (MJL3281). Measure both.
  12. C41 is not installed. Your noise issue is likely a bad grounding connection somewhere, or the Mains EMI filter is blown/worn out.
  13. Oh we'll be okay! No need to send us anything. Really! Thank you for your kindness though @Retriever Jim!
  14. UPDATE: First, Jen is still recovering and doing extremely well. I have been caring for her and making sure she gets her meds, eats and drinks healthy stuff, assist her with tasks that she normally does but can't quite yet on her own, we do physical therapy, and she's been spending more time typing and writing. She can now walk up and down stairs without assistance. Back in December 20th, when she came home, she could not even walk without assistance. Her neurological disabilities overall are getting better. However, she remains quite sick from the antibiotics. It's very hard on her. As of this month, we have been dealing with lots of bills, bill collectors, retroactive insurance applications/denials/problems/approvals/follow up, doctor appointments, doctor visits, doctor lab requests, a couple of visits to the ER because of liver problems from the meds, personal taxes, business taxes, household taxes, banking catch up, running reports, entering receipts, keeping the house in order, answering lots and lots of emails and text messages and phone calls and writing cards and responding to cards. On top of that, keeping the business running and doing the best I can to keep everyone happy.
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