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  1. The 'unsecured' block gets ya all the time... @Brian_at_HHH All you need is a security certificate for your website, then you can go https.
  2. @Sk1Bum The images are a raw link. I see no reason why they'd be blocked unless you are blocking some IP range on your end. Try loading the images on your phone using 4G or a different wi-fi network to see if that works.
  3. The life cycle of capacitors is a function of time and heat. The life cycle of transistors is a function of time over switching operations. The functions...they don't give a clear answer...
  4. Everything travels at the speed of light. It's only relative.
  5. That was the goal - to make the forums accessible as an archive here. I'll need to contact James.
  6. The receiver is SOLD! Also, the Gundry board is always available as a product. Just let me know if you want one. No limited supply.
  7. If not yet spoken for, I will take the Gundry board.


      Greg  Just tell me where and how much to pay.

    1. Nahash5150


      The Gundry boards are always available. :D

    2. 4krow




        That's pretty much what I thought. Soooo, send two of them along if you would to:


       Just let me know the total and how you would like to be payed.


        Note: I have a power amp that may need some adjustment. It is a class D design by Pete Millet. I made it from a board that he offered. The channels are not perfectly matched. There are adjustments, but as I have stated so many times, I don't always have the knowledge to accomplish these sort of things myself. Let me know if you are interested.



    3. Nahash5150


      Okey. Also, these messages are public on profiles. I'll transfer to PM.

  8. B&O , Yamaha, Onkyo and others FOR SALE BLOW OUT! ALL MUST GO! MAKE AN OFFER - For each or for the whole lot. Single Owner, beautiful, clean and well cared for. Visit HERE
  9. Nahash5150


    @kve777 That's meaningless. You can find 'sources' all over the internet to agree with your biases. And, just as you did to me, I can just say I don't trust your sources. We need to think. Your source is ONE study from ONE place at a HIGH RISK, HIGH EXPOSURE environment that compares one material to another. With that said, I don't think anyone is arguing cloth masks are just as effective as respirators worn by trained personnel. Nobody questioned that. The primary means of transmission is droplets. This is no mystery. Anything that mitigates the droplets from becoming airborne mitigates the transmission. Therefore, if social distancing is effective, if plexiglass shields are effective, then cloth coverings can be effective. People going to the store is not nearly the same environment as a hospital. Not to mention it's been said over and over by CDC, doctors, etc that mask covering is more intended for people who are infected so that the vectors of transmission are mitigated (ie, through the air). The primary reason doctors wear masks is to protect their patient, not themselves. Specialized equipment is necessary in highly contagious environments where the hospital staff themselves need to protect their environment. It's a totally different strategy.
  10. @Charlie Wow! That's amazing! I'm so happy for you guys. What a relief.
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