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  1. Exiark [Morgsch] - Let the Sun Rise (Drumstep remix) Lots of bottom end on this one. Can your system handle it?
  2. John Strohbeen of Ohm really likes the M1.0t mkII opt002 on his speakers. Tell him Nelion Audio sent you - he'll be good to you!
  3. About 2 inches of clearance from the bottom to the PCB. No vents.
  4. This is how you do it. The C-19 has heat issues. Taking care of its heat will ensure it remains reliable! It's a very solid design though, and the circuits are packed really tight together in there. In order to resolve the heating issue that causes permanent PCB damage, the voltage regulators really need to be mounted to the chassis with an extra plate of aluminum. I didn't undergo this modification because it would be very time expensive. Eventually I'll do it and post the results. I did however replace and suspend some components that get way to hot to be
  5. I did not want to bring this up, but over the last week or so, certain events have forced me to address this. This forum is public access with common sense security measures to prevent spam and other unwanted solicitations. So while guests don't have full access to all topics, anyone with a valid email address and shows some willingness to behave as a mature adult will be approved as a Novice to obtain full access. This forum welcomes all people. This forum accepts that people are different and sometimes those differences clash. This forum accepts points of view and all
  6. The music files haven't been uploaded to the server yet...
  7. I used to have it in vinyl...but gave it away years ago. I agree with you... it's an excellent album. Underrated...just like Fair Warning.
  8. Welcome! You sound like you'll fit right in here.
  9. Welcome! Many great people to meet here and of course, they all have an opinion to share.
  10. At least on Amazon, there are remasters of VH II, WaCF, DD, FW and 1984. Also the Best of Both Worlds has remastered tracks.
  11. @Daddyjt Did you happen to listen to the remastered versions? Also, Eddie hated the studio when they first started. He didn't know how to overdub or track his part without the band playing with him. SO I wonder how much of the band's disinterest in doing things 'right' in the studio muddied the outcome. Wasn't till later that he mastered the art of the studio gig.
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