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  1. Thanks for finding that - The category tree blew up a couple times so some things may have slipped past me. It's back under parent Media.
  2. It gives me great sorrow to inform you all that Wayne passed away today at 4pm. Rest In Peace dearest friend and Member of our precious community.
  3. Happy Birthday my friend! Ride it Hard.
  4. I've gone through some dark days - Wayne was always able to make me feel like my life wasn't going to end. I'm confused and heartbroken. I'll be making some calls tomorrow.
  5. Great Karma! Good luck everyone! NOT IN.
  6. It's fixed now. The Carver Automotive Gear forum was moved into the wrong place at some point, then when Sk1bum tried to move it back, something else went sideways, but it's okay now. You can find Carver Automotive Gear in the Audio Chain Forum.
  7. We just got word that @kingman was admitted to the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers for your recovery my friend. Hang in there - you are loved by soooo many.
  8. Please welcome @Sk1Bum as the new Community Administrator.
  9. Please welcome @Charlie to the Mod Team.
  10. Please welcome @kve777 into the Mod Team.
  11. Here's the 1st of 4 documentary snippets on the Later Years project, which includes some information on the remastering of DSoT and what they had to do. No wonder they waited, er, put it off, for so long...
  12. @danowood Happy Birthday! Play it LOUD.
  13. Thank you so much everyone! I took a couple of half-days...I just can't take a day completely off yet...I'm swamped!
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