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  1. Hi Nahash do you have a service manual for Sunfire TGA 7201 theatre cinema grand amplifier ?

    1. Nahash5150


      I don't have anything publicly available yet.

  2. Hello all! I hope you're enjoying the Carversite! and all it has to offer. The current Administrators are: wrf - Lead Administrator Nahash5150 - Tech Staff AndrewJohn - Community Administrator The current Moderators are: Compwaco - Chief Global Moderator Sk1bum - Moderator An Administrator's job is to protect the community. Admins also assign medals/badges, approve new arrivals, organize the boards, moderate threads, assign roles, maintain the database, enforce the rules, and manage complaints. They also present ideas to the leadership for possible implementation. The Lead Administrator sets the agenda and the rules and manages all the Member Groups. The Community Administrator keeps the information organized, performs regular tasks, and manages the Moderators. Moderators keep the boards safe and fun. Moderators are not here to stifle free-speech, arm-twist or intimidate participants. They ensure that threads are kept organized and remain on-topic, and as active participants themselves, preserve the spirit of the community. Moderators, like the Admins, are here for you so that you feel welcome to share and participate without the worry of being harassed or flamed for it. If you have just signed up, then you are Inbound rank. You have limited access and you can't upload files yet. In order to advance to basic membership, you need over 6 positive reputation points. Reactions, such as 'thank you' to your content increase your positive reputation. There are three basic member Roles: Novice Member Resident A Novice is new to the forum. They have limited access but can participate in the most popular forums such as Way Offscale and The Chain. In order to advance to Member, we expect a certain amount of activity to evaluate their willingness to be a part of the community. The post count required to advance to Member is 100. (If you are currently a Member and don't have 100 posts, you will not be 'demoted'). A Member is considered an active participant. They have nearly full access to the site and its resources, and can progress in rank and earn medals by sharing their experiences in the audio world with the Site. As time goes on, a Member can eventually become a Resident or play a role as part of the Administration. A Resident is a highly active member who calls this place 'home' and acts as a council member with the Administration. Residents are participants who are willing to take on the challenge of discussing site policies and provide the site with valuable resources - such as funds, time and talents. Greatly concerned for the site's well-being, Residents work hard to welcome new 'inbounds', encourage participation by starting topics of interest - and offer Karmas, skills and knowledge to all who visit. There is a special Member Role: Carver repair/mod Team Carver repair/mod Team - Chosen only by the Administrator, these members are trusted with their skill to work on audio gear. They actively take work and offer a variety of services. They are also essential to the site's 'helpful hand' in assisting those who need help with their troubled gear. Carver Repair Team members are also Residents by default. There are two consequential Roles: Retired Sandbox A Retired Member is a participant who has either shown a disinterest in the community but has not violated the rules, or one who has 'moved on' and no longer wishes to be an active member. This is not a disdained Role, but a Role for members who for one reason or another, do not wish to be part of the community's growth (for example). Retirement is a friendly, mutual agreement between the administration and the member. Retired members have limited access. When a participant is Sandboxed, they have violated the forums rules. A warning is always issued before a participant is Sandboxed. If the warning is ignored, and participant continues to break rules or cause trouble - an Administrator, with the consent of the Moderators, will curtail their activity for an indefinite amount of time. Removal of the Sandbox status can only be done by the Site Owner or Administrator. This forum has a lot of options for you to find information, participate, and organize how you read and keep up with activity. Remember that you can do the following: - Follow a Topic (so that if anyone posts to it, you are notified) - Follow a Member (so that you are notified of Status Updates and more) - Post a Status Update (a personal message for your friends that is public access) - Send Private messages - View Activity according to date, member, or topic (check 'Activity' in the top menu) - Post pictures and even create a gallery (Novice or above rank) - Share links, videos and files - Browse technical Manuals, white papers and spec sheets And so much more! Our goal is to maintain a site that is welcoming, helpful, courteous and fun. With audio and Carver as our common ground, we wish to stay focused on the music, and all the creativity that results. Have a great day! Hashy
  3. Welcome to the site @fev1969! It's not possible to get carried away here so rock on.
  4. Nahash5150

    Always changing

    I think you need to update your system Rob.
  5. And there is a tradition here - if you don't choose a profile picture - we'll pick one for you.
  6. Welcome Gary! Great to see you here!
  7. I'd like to put this out there: I see nothing for a Phase Linear A30.
  8. let me know if you decide to power up this unit and what you thin about it sound quality.

  9. What are you talking about? I have been giving advice and helping out however I can. I haven't said anything about you or your motives. Timmyjim is entitled to his opinion in an open forum so if you don't think he's worth listening to then just block him and carry on. Sheesh.
  10. The Carver C-1000 is a very nice unit. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about it to give it a full review. I have one here that a client wants to sell, but out of fear I haven't been using it...maybe I should...
  11. Nice 12V regulator design from 1980 M1.5 If the 2200uF cap is hot, then it's more like a resistor than a capacitor, so I imagine you'd be seeing more of a rectified waveform than a DC approximation.
  12. If you doubled the capacitance, then you increased the in-rush current. This is probably okay, but I imagine that would cause some transformer groaning. So am I to understand that the buzzing is heard from the speakers for 30 seconds then it goes away? If that is the case, it's probably the DTC malfunctioning. Put your DC meter on an output transistor collector and tell me what the voltage is when it starts up, then after 30 seconds. There will be a PNP (MJL1302) and a NPN (MJL3281). Measure both.
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