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  1. Thanks for all the B'Day wishes my fellow Carver lovers.... Had a great day!
  2. WELCOME @Dzkfraser! Glad you found us...
  3. Happy 65th Birthday @Will Meyer! Hope it's a great one for you..........🎁🎈🎂
  4. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Zenith4me! Hope it was a great day for you...
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Rob! Have a good one.....🎈🎂🎁
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RichP! Thank you again for the MKII upgrades....
  7. Unusually good sound quality for a digital master. Outstanding bass... Awesome track list.... Love these colored vinyl's
  8. HAPPY BRTHDAY @johnrotten! Make it a good one....🎈🎈🎈
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @randog311! Have a great one.... and keep those tunes rollin'
  11. WELCOME @3Phase! Glad you found us... When/if you get a chance post some pics of your Carver gear.
  12. @Wilkic65you should jump on that faceplate trim with handles that match your C-1 pre... They aren't that easy to find! 😏😅
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @4krow! Have a great one Greg... p.s. I still owe you a review for the MAC tube buffer 😳🙃😝
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