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  1. WELCOME @Web! The C-1 is a great choice...especially with the BillD mod. What Carver tube amps are you considering?
  2. WELCOME @metalbent! Hope you get those Amazing Silvers singing soon... When you get time tell us about your system.
  3. Happy 58th Birthday @Dadvw! Have a good one...
  4. WELCOME @JoJo! Glad you found us. You've come to the right place for tech advise or repair on your Carver Original Amazing speakers. Hope you get 'em singing soon!
  5. HAPPY 59th BIRTHDAY @Turbo! Enjoy your day...
  6. Congratulations DUDE! Thank you Kevin for an awesome Karma and a bizarre math lesson.
  7. Thanks for the great Karma offering @kve777!👍 in please....180, 265, 470, 570, 620 changed 220 to 265....
  8. WELCOME @Albikes! Congrats on the speakers...
  9. ALRIGHT Eric!!! Congrats on the new toys...awesome they are from Kingman's collection. Like I told Wayne, that PL Dual 500 needs the optional solid cast alum. knobs. You might try @oldphaser or @Bonzoro. They should run about $25 each. Phase Linear also made an optional cooling fan.
  10. WELCOME @corkdust! Glad you joined us. Bet the C-1, PT-2400 & Amazings combo is something special.
  11. 🤞🤞🤞 Thank you for the update Charlie...
  12. Buy it! (if it's a good deal $) @RodH belts are easy to install even without a manual. I have a Marantz model 5220...excellent sound quality for a cassette deck. These decks look awesome with optional cherry cabinets.
  13. Have a good one Mr. johnrotten!😷 51...you're still a youngster.
  14. +1 !!! Thanks for sharing good news.
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