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  1. Barry is a fighter! ❤️
  2. Prayers for Barry and his family. 🙏
  3. WELCOME @Kevin L! Glad you found us......... Check out Nelion Audio for the M-1.5t MKII upgrade.
  4. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY Mr. @Dadvw! Hope it was an awesome day for ya!
  5. WELCOME @coolneil! Glad you found us. We need more info.....🙂
  6. WELCOME @danno266! Glad you joined us........ You did good sending that M-500t to Greg At Nelion! You're going to love the MKII upgrade!! +1 on the Carver/Polk combination...
  7. Eric Burdon and The Animals!
  8. Maybe better than the original version! Jennel Garcia (piano cover) "Creep"
  9. WELCOME @Glasgow Grip! Glad you found us. Good luck with your Carver equipment repairs/refurbs.
  10. WELCOME @metrxseven! Glad you found us. Do you own any Carver gear now?
  11. WELCOME @Virgil! Good luck with your 490T belt replacement. You might also consider a tube upgrade. I love the sound of vintage Bugle Boys in my 490t
  12. WELCOME @Mercman! Glad you found us. Do you personally own any Carver Equipment?
  13. WELCOME @Chino! Always great to meet another long time Carver lover.
  14. Whatever happened to cookies? I want my cookie! 😛
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