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  1. Congratulations @Zenith4me! And now the hunt for tubes begins...
  2. WELCOME @Elecdonia! Glad you found us. Great to have someone with your abilities join. Tell us about your personal audio system.
  3. Can't wait to see who the lucky winner is going to be! I know there will be one happy camper...
  4. WELCOME @Innovatejlb! Glad you joined us... With the Carver equipment you've obtained I see a "killer" system in your future. Great decision to have BillD and MKII upgrades!
  5. JBL L88 or JBL L100 speakers are fantastic with these low wattage tube amps...just saying.
  6. @Sk1BumThank You sir! ...and now about that 1957 Morgan 4+4 roadster I've been dreaming about for 30 years? I know...I'm shit out of luck!
  7. Thank you to all my carversite brothers! I'll be hibernating today in order to do some serious Carver tube amp listening (and drinking a few St. Pauli Girls). I visited my favorite record shop yesterday and brought home a pile of vinyl (Detroit Cobras and some Third Man Record Live LPs), so I'm ready. For any of you who that are not familiar with Third Man Records you might want to check them out. TMR is owned by Jack White (White Stripes) and has live performances at their Blue Room venue in Nashville which are recorded on analog tape masters. They sound great! @Charlie ….at 73 I'm not so young anymore! @Sk1Bum ….my birthday wish is to score one of those "Espionage" stickers for all the gear I have surreptitiously accumulated since joining this site 11 years ago and falling victim to all you enablers. No OCCD here... Thanks again guys......Love this website!
  8. @MRHP...Thanks For the Carverfest setup photos. Haven't heard much from the attendees...………..??? Was Bob there this year?
  9. @kve777 and @oldtexasdog you guys are the best! Great Karma! Somebody's going to love this. I'm out as owner of a couple of tube amps already.
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @peck555! Have a good one youngster...
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Will Meyer! Have a good one dude!
  12. WELCOME @MaxNielsenfrom Sweden! Yes...it is a great hobby. Glad you've joined us. We have a number of enablers here who can help you with your quest for audio nirvana.
  13. HAPPY 64th BIRTHDAY @Zenith4me! (almost retirement age....) Enjoy your day!!
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @iamjohngalt! and many many more....
  15. WELCOME @gburke! Your buddy @Rob has led you to the edge of a rabbit hole! You say..."expanding my inventory...",' care to elaborate?
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