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  1. Welcome @Receiver2000! Glad you found us. Plenty of Carver info and helpful people here. Oh! Did I mention we have enablers to help feed your OCCD? ✌️
  2. Call the Doctor.....J.J. Cale (Naturally)
  3. Happy 56th Birthday @RPA-1 Man! Enjoy your day...🎂
  4. WELCOME @Elmer! Nice Carver system....
  5. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY @The Raven!!! Been a while since you've posted.... Did I do something wrong?
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mark!!! Have a good one. Hope you're not too homesick.
  7. WELCOME @Rob! Always good to have another Carver enthusiast.
  8. Hey @J-P Stereo sounds like you're on the right track with the C-1 BillD and M-1.0t MKII upgrades. a fellow lurker.....👀
  9. HAPPY 68th BIRTHDAY @oldtexasdog! Hope you enjoy the day listening to your awesome rebuilt tube amp.
  10. Welcome @Ct12! The SD/A 490t is a great CD player...and you can roll some tubes.
  11. Welcome @Mike-777! Like @compwaco, I too have Carver and Polk in my system. Great combination. When you're able please post some photos of your system. We love the eye candy.
  12. HAPPY 58th BIRTHDAY @itchitch! You're still a young whippersnapper....
  13. @dennismiller55 and @wrf thanks for taking this task on...👍
  14. Welome @Kappa man! Good luck with your search for a suitable amplifier(s).
  15. I'm sure @dennismiller55 could mod for remote...just ask . Also, it appears @loner_t has a C-1 already modified for remote for sale.
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