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  1. Happy Birthday @Hal! Have a good one..................
  2. WELCOME @Terist! Glad you found us. What Carver components do you own? Tell us about your audio system.
  3. WELCOME @oakley104! Glad you found us. + 1 on the MKII upgrade for your M-1.0ts....
  4. WELCOME back @SteveFord! Good to see ya posting again. I bought a Carver 4000t from you several years ago (for a steal!). One of my better acquisitions....Thank You!
  5. WELCOME @Hal! Like your combination of C-1, M-1.5t and Cerwin Vegas! And that Teac X-1000r R/R is a keeper....................
  6. HAPPY 69th BIRTHDAY @oldtexasdog! One more and you're in the "old timers club".....😜😂
  7. A belated WELCOME @gabbyhayes! Always a pleasure to have someone with your tech abilities join the conversation.
  8. HAPPY 59th BIRTHDAY @itchitch! Have a great day...
  9. Someone give Turbo a cookie!
  10. WELCOME @Blueprintt! Glad you found us...
  11. WELCOME @pereiracycles! Good luck with getting that MHX-2000 display and LEDs repaired. Tell us about your audio system.
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Ed! 😂 @sea....Have a GREAT Birthday!
  13. HAPPY 64th BIRTHDAY @BluesMan57! Have a GREAT day!!! Awesome to see very early members still around.
  14. WELCOME @dhforster! If you're going to refresh/refurb the Carver gear yourself and have questions...just ask. If you need tech help there are some great ones here!
  15. Couldn't agree more! RIP Wayne...
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