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  1. Charlie...love the look of all the black faceplates! You've been keepin' Greg busy. 💲💲
  2. HAPPY 63rd BIRTHDAY @BluesMan57! Have a GOOD one!!!
  3. Rest in peace my friend...🕊️
  4. Have a good one @Sk1Bum!
  5. Congratulations Kevin! Awesome Karma Charlie! Maybe we need a special Karma award for @Charlie??? This is not the first Great Karma give-a-way Charlie has offered up... so maybe a "Samaritan" honor or even add a "black pearl" ???
  6. Very Sad news! Prayers to Wayne and his family. So sad.....
  7. Have a GREAT 64th BIRTHDAY @BarryG!
  8. WELCOME @BobSt1! We all love the Bob Carver gear...glad you found us. The TFM-42, C-1(BillD mod) & Amazing Silvers will be awesome once you have the repairs/upgrades completed!
  9. WELCOME @Butcher! Glad you found us... In lieu of acquiring a M-1.5t you might want to read up on the MKII mod for your M-1.0t.
  10. It's a Dude sweater! Did Santa steal it from @Rod_H? ✌️
  11. This is an awesome Christmas story and an excellent example of the Carversite brotherhood! Who says you can't meet real friends on the internet? You two gentlemen really put me in the Christmas spirit! Merry Christmas and may God bless...
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Brian_at_HHH!!! Brian hope you have time to do some listening and to knock back a few...
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