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  1. Yah...he's even got the stank face down pat.😎
  2. Happy 49th birthday @Bobby1970!
  3. @Sk1Bum You might consider this: I have found that using an AD black Art Marker to touch up imperfections on black anodized Carver components and then using a kneaded eraser to remove the gloss left from the marker leaves an almost perfect repair. Be sure to use a black marker (not extra black or supper black as they will not match as well). I also notice the TX-11b on eBay is open to offers; you could make a low offer bringing to the seller's attention the numerous imperfections.
  4. @Sk1Bum Nice system..love the black face preamp! Let us know how you like the M-500T...did Mark upgrade with MKII? https://www.ebay.com/itm/No-Reserve-Carver-TX-11b-Tuner-Rare/124002824545?hash=item1cdf24f161:g:NtgAAOSwEp5cTOGL
  5. Whoa!!! Think the Flaming Lips got holed of some of that bad brown acid they warned us about at Woodstock...
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Nahash5150! Thanks for all you do for this forum Greg!!! Take a break and enjoy your B'Day… 🍻
  7. Outstanding system Kev! Thanks for posting the photos.
  8. Happy 61st Birthday @xavionics!
  9. Have a good one Dude! ✌️
  10. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Rockster2U! The big 71...
  11. Brian, We thought it was just you being you! Seriously, best wishes and prayers for you and Betty.
  12. WELCOME @kaibosher! Nice gear... Always good to see this vintage equipment refurbished. Congratulations. You might ask if any of our members have replacement handles for your TFM-35...
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