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  1. WELCOME @kaibosher! Nice gear... Always good to see this vintage equipment refurbished. Congratulations. You might ask if any of our members have replacement handles for your TFM-35...
  2. WELCOME @Chris Della Mattia! Nice Carver system... Good luck selling those Silver Amazings and fixing your DTL 50 CD player.
  3. Happy 67th Birthday Zach's dad!!! We haven't heard much from ya lately...you doing okay?
  4. Come on guys... That Carverfest 275 amp, especially with the vintage RCA 6550's and Telefunken tubes, is a real bargain @ $1,250.! 💲💲 Good luck with your move and the gear sales Travis.
  5. Last Saturday afternoon we had a severe storm in southern Indiana with winds in excess of 70 mph which caused an electrical service outage and damage to over 5,000 customers. The electrician who repaired my damage informed me of a situation I was totally unaware of, so if any of you who have a residential electrical service background could give me some insight it would be greatly appreciated. So, here's what happened: The wind gusts resulted in service loss and left my service pole and the adjacent pole, with a transformer, arcing and producing a very noticeable high voltage hum. A few hours later the utility company cut the power; it was off about 10 hours. When the power was restored I was in the kitchen and was startled by a booming pop coming from my power panel which is located in an adjacent utility room, then my microwave oven popped and had an arc flash. I could smell electrical smoke! I heard another pop from somewhere else in the house and then the service went dead. I retrieved my flashlight and checked the power panel to find all the breakers had tripped. I went outside to check the service connection to find the meter riser and weather head had been bent toward the service pole at about a 20 degree angle. I immediately shut off the power via the meter/service switch and called an electrician. A day and a half later when the electrician arrived he discovered that, in addition to the obvious damage to the weather head, the ground cable in the overhead service line had been sheared (broken). The electrician informed me that there was a 90% chance that all of the electronic devices in the house were fried! Thinking about my Carver gear I was panicked!!! He said that because there was no ground when the utility company powered the service back on there could also be damage to other major appliances as well, but that most certainly the electronics were destroyed. After he repaired the meter housing, riser, weather head, ground cable and restored the electrical service I was very relieved to find the Carver gear was not damaged. The only damage was to the microwave, coffeemaker and the AT&T modem for my desktop computer. He theorized that because I had shut off the power that I had avoided further damage. What dumb luck! Has anyone encountered this situation? Is it true that a broken ground cable can cause the above mentioned damage? If so, is there a method/device to prevent that kind of damage? Please help me to understand this occurrence. Thanks...
  6. Happy Birthday @CT-Seven!!!
  7. Awesome Karma offering @Sk1Bum and @Daddyjt!!! ? In with #47...
  8. Hashy, I would like to nominate @DrummerJuice for a Carver Modified honor award in light of his recent post (with photos) "My first MKII". Seems Daddyjt did the modification to the M-500t MKII. What do you think?
  9. HAPPY 53rd BIRTHDAY @avguytx!
  10. Welcome back Mark! Did you really toss your nuts in the trash??? ?? excuse my "wise-ass" remark... Good to have you posting again.
  11. HAPPY 64th BIRTHDAY @Charlie! Have a GREAT B'Day!!!
  12. Welcome @Tankervet! Congratulations on your newly acquired M-1.5t amp. I think you'll like the ways it sounds with your C-11.
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chiroacademy! Enjoy this one...next comes the big 60. ps : Awesome workmanship on the ALS restoration!!!
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