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  1. Actually, it has nice wheels and is very easy to maneuver, but it does look like that in the photo.
  2. It was all in the big oak cabinet, I'll dig up some photos and post. The ones on this site were from Photobucket, which my account is long gone. You don't like my listening chair? In that pic, it's out of place (Christmas positioning and before the re-work). I'm very happy with my system, just changed out the cartridge on the TT to an Denon DL-A110 low output MC. The Sunfire Tube Pre does a great job with the MC cartridge. That is a screen above the amps, projector on the other side of the room. I screwed up when we built the house, I should have install a motorized screen up
  3. Thanks. I had to consolidate a bit, this was the old cabinet.
  4. It looks like a lot of toe-in, doesn't it? I don't think it's that extreme in real-life. I'll do some checking tonight when I'm blasting some tunes. I'm fairly surprised that I got away with displaying the Silver 9t's so prominently... we'll see how long that lasts.
  5. Yeah, was having a bad picture day, yesterday. Let's see how this goes. I saved all the pics out as different file names, looked right side up on my computer... not sure what happened. That worked. Thanks for the link.
  6. Updated my entertainment center this past weekend. Wanted to post a few pics, but all came out upside-down... must be the I-phone. I'll try and post later.
  7. One of the most under-rated guitar players of all time... I agree, thanks for posting the videos.
  8. I'm pretty excited, loved the show way back when. Have it on laser disc, ans still watch it on Netflix. Also, a huge Gillian Anderson fan.....
  9. One of my favorite FM songs, post Peter Green.....
  10. Thanks for the trip dowm memory lane, guys.... back when this was first out, we didn't have cable TV, so I never saw MTV or any song videos. Kinda cool to watch all three of these. My local radio station still plays the song, on occasion. Time to drop it in my iPhone!
  11. Thanks for the videos. I still prefer the 1979 version, less refined. However, 20 years later, they still sound great.
  12. Congrats! He looks good. My middle son was in ICU for a week right after he was born, it was no fun, so I can imagine how you and your wife felt. It only gets better from here.
  13. Been away awhile, how do I get a Reference disc? I'd like to participate.
  14. A classic. I can remember the first time I saw LOB, I laughed so hard that I cried...... my date thought I was insane (now my wife).....
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