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  1. Joe always has a great show. Enjoy!
  2. Just wanted to acknowledge and give a big thanks to Wayne (wrf) for taking time out of his busy schedule to take a look at one of my M-500t MKII's. It had developed a low-level hum from the speakers (very low-level hum) and it was driving me crazy thinking that I had a major issue coming on. Wayne had me do some things at home to see if I could isolate the problem. In the end, he agreed to have it sent to him so he could take a look and run it through it's paces. After some playing with it, and some behind the scenes collaborating, the amp ended up coming through with no issues. It's good to know that there are people that will help out when you need them. Thanks Wayne.
  3. Congrats Greg. I suspect the site will be in good hands. Although I am not on here as much, these days, I always find it a great place to come back and visit and get help when I need it. With the great people on here to assist, the site will only get better.
  4. One of the most under-rated guitar players of all time... I agree, thanks for posting the videos.
  5. I'm pretty excited, loved the show way back when. Have it on laser disc, ans still watch it on Netflix. Also, a huge Gillian Anderson fan.....
  6. One of my favorite FM songs, post Peter Green.....
  7. He was my favorite Vulcan of all time. They need to send him out in a photon torpedo tube, just like in the movies....
  8. Thanks for the trip dowm memory lane, guys.... back when this was first out, we didn't have cable TV, so I never saw MTV or any song videos. Kinda cool to watch all three of these. My local radio station still plays the song, on occasion. Time to drop it in my iPhone!
  9. Congrats Dennis. Great Karma.
  10. Thanks for the videos. I still prefer the 1979 version, less refined. However, 20 years later, they still sound great.
  11. Anyone on here need a C-19 original owner's manual? I found one in my drawer of manuals, this morning. I no longer have the C-19, so..... let me know if you need one. Not really a Karma, but the first to ask, gets it.
  12. Another awesome Karma! Love the big meters. Not In.
  13. Congrats! He looks good. My middle son was in ICU for a week right after he was born, it was no fun, so I can imagine how you and your wife felt. It only gets better from here.
  14. Been away awhile, how do I get a Reference disc? I'd like to participate.
  15. A classic. I can remember the first time I saw LOB, I laughed so hard that I cried...... my date thought I was insane (now my wife).....
  16. If I'm not too late, I would like to be in, please. I've eyed the TFM-45 for some time now with lust.....
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