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  1. Thanks, Rich! Thanks, Martin! Thanks, Mark! Thanks to you all! I'm looking forward to hearing this.
  2. Anyone else having trouble downloading track 17? Rich, I think there might be an error in the URL.
  3. Welcome to the world of Carver ribbons, Balok. There's no going back now.
  4. Very cool. Beautiful video on a fascinating subject.
  5. Do you still want to try this, engtaz? If not, I'll have dok send it back to me.
  6. Sorry engtaz, I missed your post earlier. If you're still interested in trying it out, let us know and I'll have dokblues ship it to you.
  7. This collection still blows me away every time I play it. Some of the newer guys might want to check it out. Nice work, Mark.
  8. Looks great, Perry. There's nothing like having a dedicated room. Lots of great listening ahead.
  9. Rich, I take it you're referring to the DCX2496 crossover unit?
  10. That's fine, Rodney. Just send it to dokblues whenever you're done.
  11. In case you've been putting it off, now is the time to buy. Stereo box, mono box, individuals, whatever. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dpopular&field-keywords=beatles
  12. Yes, that's kind of an interesting read. I'd not seen that before. Thanks for posting that, Jazzman. It was concern about the analog-digital-analog conversion downstream that prompted me to pull this unit and the DCX2496 crossover out of my system and live with it for awhile. Overall, my system seems a little warmer now but may be missing some of the punch it used to have. Purely subjective observations. Not really better or worse, just different. The Behringer manual does recommend excluding frequencies up to 100 Hz from auto EQ (in that it may produce inaccuracies). I'm wonderi
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