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  1. Thanks, Rich! Thanks, Martin! Thanks, Mark! Thanks to you all! I'm looking forward to hearing this.
  2. Anyone else having trouble downloading track 17? Rich, I think there might be an error in the URL.
  3. Welcome to the world of Carver ribbons, Balok. There's no going back now.
  4. Very cool. Beautiful video on a fascinating subject.
  5. This collection still blows me away every time I play it. Some of the newer guys might want to check it out. Nice work, Mark.
  6. Looks great, Perry. There's nothing like having a dedicated room. Lots of great listening ahead.
  7. Harryfan

    Unusual Vinyl Finds

    Found these while helping my mom move out of the house I grew up in a few years back. I'd never seen or heard them before. It seems dad gave up on me at an early age.
  8. Here's what I've been wondering about for awhile: Original Amazings - One set of binding posts. Amazing Silvers and Platinums - Two sets of binding posts. Silvers and Platinums Mk IV - One set of binding posts. AL-IIIs - Two sets of binding posts. Why so many flip-flops over the years? Bi-ampability seems like a nice feature to have on any model. It sure adds a lot of flexibility. Are there any drawbacks to having it? Thanks, Robert
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