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  1. That said, I've been impressed with the tube pre/SS amp combo thus far. I have yet to hear a tube/tube combo.
  2. I hear this all the time from a buddy with multiple tube amps, which leaves me scared and intrigued all the more!
  3. I have had the pleasure of hearing tube amps, but in limited experiences with friends and friends of friends arrangements. Although I have a couple of tube/hybrid preamps, I've never owned a tube amplifier. This is awesome! You guys are awesome! This site is awesome! Please count me in with 46.
  4. Sunfire Subs are awesome! Love them, once they're refurbished.
  5. My situation and sentiments to a T!
  6. I definitely recognize it for the great deal it is, even prior to your pricing break down! That was never in question. If I weren't on this tube hunt, I'd definitely pick this up from you.
  7. This is so tempting then I'd having a matching pair. A major distraction as I try to maintain focus on procuring tube amplification..... twitch, twitch, twitch OCCD!
  8. Definitely a drool-worthy system!
  9. Inquiring minds want to know....what's your new direction?
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