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  1. Looks like a AV-705x. It's a great workhorse of an amp. I had one, unopened, that was a near daily driver for my music and HT duties that provided over 13 years of trouble-free operation. Enjoy!
  2. Welcome, Java1960! You have an impressive list of gear! You're just a couple hours southeast of me in Austin.
  3. I have a Sunfire Cinema Grand 200x5 powering a complement of Phase Technology speakers with the Teatro 11.5's for the mains in my HT. My main 2ch rig has an M500t MkII on a pair of ADS 910's and in a spare system, a stock M500t working out a pair of AR M6's.
  4. An interesting concept for sure.... I'm skeptical on how those wood panel "speakers" would sound though. https://thehustle.co/nick-dangerfield-oda-q-and-a-trung-phan-the-hustle
  5. Thanks for the info. Just trying to determine if two birds can be killed with one shot, by making this a family trip. I'm the only one in the household interested in Hifi, haha.
  6. Traeger's are definitely on my want/need list!
  7. Itchitch, I appreciate the link to the cabins. Can someone share a typical itinerary/activities from a previous CF, speak to the overall going's on that happens over the course of the event? Is there an expectation/encouragement for participants to bring a system to share with others? Any pertinent info/tips/considerations for interested newbies?
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