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  1. I've only done one link. In the new music section. It appeared twice. I was thinking operator error.....
  2. Lot's of good stuff by this Pacific Northwest power-trio. Check out their release "Shadow Lands". Tony Reed (Vocals, Lead Guitar) does some pretty good solo Country and Western.
  3. Thanks for the addition into the group. My first pieces of Carver equipment came by way of accident. I worked in Woodenville, Washington making custom furniture for a shop called "Regency Oak". Next door was Bob Carver's building. We traded a custom made cabinet to Bob and received a M-0.5 Amplifier and a CT-7 Tuner. I still have both pieces today. About two years ago, I decided to get an audio room together and met Greg and Jenny. So far I've added a pair of AL-III Oak trimmed speakers, a C-11 Preamp with the BillD mod, and two black faced M-500t MKII Amps. Right after getting these items my audio room (in the basement) flooded but I managed to save all the gear. The room has been rebuilt now and I can't thank Greg and Jenny enough for helping me along with this hobby. Electronics are "some kind of sorcery" to me so will be asking a lot of questions. The one thing we will all have in common is a love and appreciation of music. Thanks again, Terry
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