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  1. Welcome, music lover. That's some nice gear you have there. Post some pics...
  2. Wait till this little girl grows up...should be a great bass player....
  3. Thanks everyone! I have not been on the site in awhile due to a very hectic work schedule and enjoying life! Plus, doctor appointments which are a pita.... All is well, tunes are cranked every day at my house! Rob, how is the Marantz SR5100 performing?
  4. Happy birthday, Fxbill! Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. I hit the big 6-0 today! I'm now going on my 4th midlife crisis since I turned 50!
  5. Happy B-day Aceman !!!  Hoping you enjoy your day, and can celebrate many, many more. 

    1. aceman117


      Thank you! Turning 60 today!

      Getting older, but wiser. LOL

    2. oakley104


      60 is Good! I'll be 65 next year ........

  6. Welcome to the site! Would love to see pictures of those Amazings! That was one hell of a score!
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