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  1. What are the ingredients for your rub on that chicken? Looks really good.
  2. All right, who's the joker that changed my avatar?

    1. RodH


      There are a few candidates.....

  3. Happy birthday, Vinylnut!!!😁
  4. Definitely looks like they're done right to me... Congrats!
  5. The good news is there's another apple tree right behind it. I didn't think about using that wood for smoking. Looks I will have plenty of apple wood chips to last a lifetime.
  6. Speaking of downpours, this apple tree that was standing for over 40 years just snapped in half before my eyes. The wind and rain was really severe! The deer would always be around that tree eating the fallen apples. I have to plant another tree now. Save me some ribs.
  7. I should have worded it differently. Some of that radio shack stuff was pretty good. It just doesn't compare to Carver. LOL I wonder if you can still find that kit online? That looks to be a pretty cool set! What temperature are you cooking the beef ribs at?
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