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  1. Moderators, please move these posts to the original dog thread...thx.
  2. I can usually tell the personality type of a lady by the size of their purse. Call it trial and error but I pretty much have it figured out...
  3. I'am really tempted to get another Alaskan Malmute. Nicki lived to be 17.4 years old before I had to let her go 5 years ago. She rode in the hot rod work van for over 14 years and even had her name on the door. Best companion I ever had. I think she rode with me for all the free lunches! If I do get another Malamute, I'll have to get a sidecar for the Harley.😁 Anybody have any funny pics of your pets?
  4. I tried an impossible Burger today that I bought at my Wegmans supermarket store as a brick. One brick makes two patty's. It wasn't that bad. My brother is on a plant-based diet and was visiting me from Denver Colorado today. He definitely lost a lot of weight on this diet. There's no way I could go without real beef! LOL
  5. Yea, what he said...I thought it was a cool joke. At least he didn't mess with our signatures and switch our gear to realistic or other crap audio components. Actually, that would be funny to see...who's first on his list!
  6. Yea, I shaved my beard off, too. Damn virus is not making things fun anymore. I have to wear a mask in my profession and these damn straps keep breaking. The cloth masks seem much stronger...
  7. Any thought of having some Carversite masks made? They could just say... Carver: Powerful * musical * accurate just like the above banner with the website link. Also, two pics of speakers around the 2 side vents... Wonder if the guys attending Carversite would have an interest along with anyone here. Maybe the vendor who makes the Carver fest shirts could make these? Looks like we will be wearing masks for some time...might as well promote the site....just a thought. Anyone have any ideas on the design?
  8. Happy Birthday, BluesMan!
  9. I'am sure you will find out soon...mine was changed and is still not put back. I thought only the newer members were subject to this invasion. 😁 It was all in fun, I guess...He will show himself.
  10. Well if you want to settle for the Carpenters, Sonny and Cher and stuff like that I'll make you a hell of a package deal. These are my father's 8-tracks so I don't think he ever listened to Pink Floyd. LOL
  11. I actually found two of these realistic 8-track tape players and a bunch of eight-track tapes.
  12. All right, who's the joker that changed my avatar?

    1. RodH


      There are a few candidates.....

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