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  1. I transported amazing original flat (1 at a time) in my old Prius. Took off bases, I laid flat on face on top of cardboard with no problems! I think flat is safest way to transport, don’t want the old glue holding magnets to break loose!
  2. Almost tempted to drive to Texas for this!, then realized it would not fit in my Prius c.
  3. BarryG

    Jack Ryan

    Season two is excellent!
  4. @weitrhino, Dynavox no longer stocks the honeycomb, there is a replacement with paper cones, similar to the newer woofers with specs matching the honeycombs. Last I looked they were back ordered!
  5. Happy Birthday Dom! Hope it is a good one!
  6. No hurry Greg! Thanks for all you do!
  7. Glad to be back! @Nahash5150 My pics are just empty boxes, do I need to upload again. In my Capital Audiofest thread!
  8. I’m not a headphone guy, definitely does not appeal to me!
  9. Nothing like a good long lasting Schitt!
  10. Read along to music, similar to when mom used to sing along with Mitch!
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