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  1. C-1 is better imho, has more adjustments, the ct-7 has a remote and a tuner. if you spin vinyl, the c-1 has a better phono section. if you need a unit with built in tuner, I would go with the ct-7. barry
  2. Welcome to the carver site! OCCD is strong with this one! sit back and enjoy your stay, “Turn it up, Turn it up, Turn it up, drop the needle and play! ... Meet me at Mary’s Place, we’re gonna have a party!”
  3. I opened package today, looks good! I will have fun playing with it before putting together a small system for my brother! I am happy to help with the site funding! Have a great day! barry
  4. I do active and passive crossovers too! I roll with tubes snd solid state. Im well rounded in many ways! Just don’t tell Beth! barry
  5. Welcome Bill, we like all types, vinyl or digital! I like both! Enjoy the site. as always grab your favorite beverage, crank up the volume. Kick your shoes off, have a seat and Enjoy your time listening!
  6. “It’s alive”, ... “that thing crawling out of the toilet bowl is still moving!”
  7. Lol; am I Irish? Google my name, last name Galvin is very Irish! just an example of a gent with same name! https://www.irishtimes.com/news/crime-and-law/praise-for-outstanding-service-of-state-solicitor-for-cork-1.1611738?mode=amp
  8. I really did not need another preamp, I wanted to support the site, the preamp will find a home around the corner at my brothers! Funny I win this as I am about yo list a bunch of gear for sale! Keep eyes open for what I’ll be offering. I scored a haul of five items in excellent condition on Sunday! I’ve already sold the tape deck a TD-1700. Have a great Day! Barry
  9. Thanks Ken, thanks for offering this as a fundraiser! Payment sent to Greg and address to you ken! Have a wonderful day! barry
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