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  1. Congrats AJ, thanks Charlie on the outstanding Karma!
  2. Glad your ok! Earthquakes are not fun!! I have friends just north of Logan I should probably check on! Hope the aftershocks remain minimal! barryg
  3. Number 8 (my new go to number; Lamar Jackson, Ravens and Alex Ovechkin, Capitals) thanks Charlie, this is a fabulous Karma! barryG
  4. Early sounds of summer that damn woodpecker trying to take out the power pole! take me to the river!
  5. OCCD is strong in this one! It’s too late he’s been Assimilated! barryG
  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of Carver! There is a lot of info here, kick off your shoes, get your favorite beverage, turn up the volume and enjoy your stay! By the way, we love photographs of your gear! Carver power and Polk sda’s are a great combo! I love mine! barryG
  7. Nice find! My ex had that album on vinyl! Iirc very nice, glad you found this!
  8. Not in, I agree with Rich, I had a dbx-120x. barryg
  9. I could use a few of these! Even though you can’t read it, it’s the puck from his 700th goal!
  10. Congratulations wrstps! Thanks for the awesome Karma Doug!
  11. Welcome to the carver site! i am also a polk fan, I have Sda-1b’s I repaired and modded! i am currently driving them with the Carverfest 275 tube amp! there is a lot of information on these pages, enjoy your stay! barry
  12. Same as last time, a few days on the futon couch!
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