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  1. Lol yoko, it’s that long lost extended remix of ‘who has seen the wind?’
  2. Hmmmm a new rabbit hole! I can find the extended version of ‘baby shark’ lol NOT! Let me peruse my vinyl, I do have a few doubles! I might have a copy of Pink Floyd ‘the wall ‘ I can send your way!
  3. My daughter says I have awesome friends!
  4. Thanks Everyone! https://gofund.me/de3ac8c4
  5. Here is the link, my daughter created it. I would have worded things a little less dramatically. https://gofund.me/de3ac8c4
  6. Update: I am doing ok, I have a lot of neuropathy from the chemo , otherwise I am doing ok. Frustrated that I cannot work until I reach remission. My younger daughter Melissa started a go fund me page. If anyone is interested send a message I can forward the link. Barry
  7. Looks like a salamander archetype type of rack to me or something very similar !
  8. Outstanding! Greg does great work!
  9. BTW, may my red Prius Rest In Peace! 2010 -2017. Someone made an illegal left turn causing me tee-bone him. Neither car survived, my passenger was hurt worse than I! I miss that car, my current orange Prius does not meet the standards of the old Prius! I have fond memories of that trip to the mountain. I hope to make it next year! barry
  10. Hi Don, the treatment program I am in is partnered with Johns Hopkins oncology! I am confident I will be treated successfully. I had a very good day of treatment today. Yesterday was one of those rare bad days, so far most days are good! I appreciate all the prayers, I really do think prayer helps a lot! Barry
  11. I had an oncologist appointment today! My bone marrow shows 90% of my cells in my blood are cancer! kind of a mind blowing result!
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