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  1. Next Carverfest, we should all raise a glass in his honor!
  2. My prayers go out to him! It is a difficult time. I will always remember him at Carverfest, the day the speakers came alive was one of the fine remembrances. I pray that the pain is kept minimal through this difficult period! May love and peace be with you and your family Wayne! barry
  3. Congrats Kevin! Awesome Karma Charlie! barry
  4. I had a great birthday! It was yesterday the 9th, shared with Richard Nixon, Jimmy Page, Kate Middleton, Joan Baez and Dave Matthews!
  5. Great Karma! Thanks Charlie!
  6. I have the Beatles song in my head ‘when I’m 64’! I am having a great birthday today! Thank you all!
  7. I check craigslist often and eBay seems unreasonable price wise these days! If I see anything I’ll let you know! barry
  8. Oppo has gone crazy overpriced since they abandoned their music players!
  9. Congrats Maytag! Thank you Carter for offering this great Karma!
  10. awesome karma, thanks Charlie, congrats Dennis! A very well deserved winner! Take lots of photos of your grandson!
  11. Nice Karma, very tempted! I miss my old film Nikons! number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9! i could not resist the Beatles reference! Barry
  12. I’m on a Beatles kick! Let It Be (Naked)
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