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  1. Welcome to The Carver Site! Be aware the CDC warns that there is no vaccination for OCCD! Too late your exposed! Enjoy the ride! Glad your here, kick off your shoes grab your favorite beverage, crank the volume, sit in the sweet spot and enjoy! barry
  2. BarryG


    In the case of tubes I go to @kve777 (Kevin)!
  3. BarryG


    I buy electronic parts from Digi-key and mouser! There are a few others for specific items! Be aware there could be counterfeit parts especially on auction sites, which is why I buy from known sources! If you’re can’t find what your looking for ask and someone can point you in right direction! Barry
  4. Congratulations Jeff, thanks Charlie for another outstanding Karma offering !
  5. I have a CT-3 which I am not using! Let me know if you are interested.
  6. In with 49, thanks for offering another great Karma!
  7. Nice shot of the former Pontchartrain Beach Zephyr with its original cupola!
  8. fresh pressed apple cider!
  9. Happy Birthday Charlie!
  10. Happy National Coffee Day!
  11. If it makes you happy and you like the sound,; is all that matters! I would love to hear that setup! Barry
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