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  1. I found this site when Rich P first developed the mkii. I was on the other site, snd BillD invited me over to learn more snd I have been here ever since! I’ve had a few ups snd downs medically so I’m not always active, but I try to check in daily! I have made some good friends here! barry
  2. Welcome to the site. There are several members in the area, Philly is not far from Baltimore. I have family in the jersey side of the Philly suburbs! Swedesboro snd Woodbury. Have a great day and enjoy the site! barryG
  3. Pink Floyd Pigs, three different ones from ‘animals’
  4. Dixie Chicken - Little Feat This version has ‘tower of power’ on the horns!
  5. Living and dying in 3/4 time! Jimmy Buffett
  6. Looking forward to a visit. Progress looks awesome Jim! It’s great to see Bob back! barry
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