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  1. Not many of us from the first year of CS that are still active! Im glad for the many friends I have met here, I really enjoy the small gatherings of local members as well. barry
  2. I came here by invitation from BillD. I was asking him about the m-500t MKIi Modifications. I came and stayed. Still learning a lot everyday. Good people and great knowledge in the minds of the folks who I encounter! I plan to stay for a while longer! barryG
  3. Thank you all! I had a wonderful family get together. We all met at moms retirement community, only 2 can visit inside at a time due to COVID, so we met the whole group at the outside pavilion. In the wind, Mike had trouble lighting the 65 candles, so I did not have any candles to extinguish! it was my favorite cake, spice cake with butter icing! Afterwards brothers went to my brother Bills and we had pizza! it was a fine day! I feel 2021 is going to look much better than 2020! barry
  4. Only heard the first one on the list, will have to dig deeper into the list! barry
  5. welcome @FredH , Its good to see another person from the Mid Atlantic. I am in Baltimore County. I came to Carversite years ago and never left. Lots of good people and good information in these threads. Kick back, grab your favorite beverage, turn up the volume, and enjoy the music! Bring in 2021 with great music! Barry
  6. Welcome Bob! I am in Baltimore, good to see another mid Atlantic member! I have family in Philadelphia and south Jersey. Sometimes a few CS members get together for meets sometimes in New Jersey or Washington DC area. I am also retired and work part time! Enjoy the site, and as always enjoy the music! Barry
  7. Welcome to the site. We love photos! have fun, enjoy your stay, kick off your boots, grab your favorite beverage and turn up the volume! “Time to ROCK this house!!!”
  8. Welcome to the forum! I am also a retired math / physics teacher! I work mostly as a sub, but not during these covid days as school is virtual! Welcome to the site, lots of technical details throughout these pages! Have fun! Barry
  9. Nice system, what polks did you remove? I’m curious.
  10. Barry,

    This is Kent McCune I am the one with the broken button on my CD player, the buttons are one unit & I have it photographed but not sure on how to upload it to the forum.

  11. Absolutely a factor !
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