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  1. I saw that, very tempted to buy it!
  2. No need here, the one I have is being gifted to my grandson for his Birthday with my desktop computer. He needs a computer since schools are going to be closed and classes will be online! Jacob is 13 today! good luck to those participating in this most awesome Karma! thanks Charlie for offering!
  3. I have to o stop peeking in here! Lol I’m hungry when I leave! Great looking fish dinner!
  4. Can’t have alcohol! I miss a good dark porter!
  5. Congrats Nick, thanks for another great Karma Charlie!
  6. Another Time song by Cat Stevens! and Time loves a hero by little feat!
  7. I got out of wearing watches after my trauma, partly from having a shattered wrist! I’m sitting out of this most excellent Karma! Thanks Rod for offering! Good luck to all!
  8. I got a refund, package never showed up, I went to med supply store and bought one at 3x the price!
  9. My package never even showed up!
  10. Happy belated birthday!
  11. Congrats Rod! Thanks Keven for a fun Karma. Have to think on a numbering scheme for next time I have a Karma. Which will be soon! barryG 6 decimal places, when the input Had zero decimal places! What kind of mathematician are you! Lol JK it was fun! Back to moms, going though 100 years of crappy!
  12. Not in, nice Karma Steve! I really do not stream music from my iPhone! I stream from my laptop through a small usb DAC. Good Luck, long live OCCD!
  13. Not in; great Karma, thanks for offering Ray!
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