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  1. such sad news! RIP old friend!
  2. david Lindley and el rayo ex. RIP David Lindley. a reggae version of 'werewolves of London'
  3. Bob and Peggy are a great team! I'm honored to know them both! I wish them well. it will be fun hearing about the voicing process. Barry
  4. Using my free trial to nugs.net listening to Feb 21 Springsteen concert.
  5. I am, you hang in there as well! I have excellent doctors!
  6. L update February 22. i getting my chemotherapy today i Spent much time talking with oncologist. My myeloma is one of the most virulent varieties he has seen. Suddenly jumping from my bone marrow yo the bone. Metastasis like this are not common, even more uncommon are tumors in my chest cavity next to my lungs. Aldo I have tumors in my lymph nodes near my stomach. im a little scared, but positive thoughts snd good music are helping me through! I subscribed to a trial subscription to nugs.net for s month. Interesting free live streaming from New Orleans! A lot of Springsteen snd old Grateful Dead . I have positive thoughts. I will get through this!
  7. Happy belated birthday James! I’ve had a lot going on his week!
  8. Lol more than 2, you know Greg v in Alexandria Va!
  9. It is Good yo see Jen on the mend! It’s good to see you as well. @Papajoei hope you are doing well! Barry
  10. Welcome to the site! Kick your shoes off, grab your favorite beverages. Crank some tunes, wake the neighbors. Most if all have fun. lots of great info on these forums, some of us have been here a long time! please ask if you have questions. We love to see photos, so as your post count goes up you will be able to post a few! Enjoy the site and welcome home! Barry
  11. Thanks Randy, when I get through this, maybe we should have a local carver group meeting/party maybe at Greg’s! I am feeling good and positive overall! everyone have a great evening, have fun watching the super-bowl! I have family in Philly so I’m routing for the eagles! be safe my friends!
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