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  1. Bill invited me to the carver site many years ago! I miss you my friend . Barry
  2. Thank you all for the Birthday greetings, it was a quiet day here watching football. We are postponing celebrating until next weekend, a few brothers still have COVID and I’m super careful. Barry
  3. Happy Birthday ya snot nosed punk!

    Here's wishing you many more.

    1. BobTFM35




      Does (H + A + 2 (P) + Y) + (B + I +R + T + H + D + A +Y)  =  Euclid's Fifth Postulate?


      I'm sure it doesn't, but it does equal your "Special Day".


      Happy Birthday !!




  4. Happy belated birthday Kevin!
  5. Greg’s get together is tentative. He was trying to do it around my chemotherapy schedule. I’m in home isolation currently. Hopefully that changes soon, then the other factor is the COVID pandemic. im hoping we can have it as planned! Barry
  6. Nelion is your best bet! Greg does excellent work! If you need a local tech, Just-Audio is one of the last ones in the area. https://shopjustaudio.com/pages/repair I hope this helps! I am retired myself due to health issues. I’ll forward your info to Greg Viggiano, he has an open house in January for all of us local carver enthusiasts. He lives in Alexandria VA. He was last talking about MLK weekend! Barry
  7. Welcome Dave, where in Maryland are you located? I’m southwest of the city in the Elkridge area. I’m right near the Howard and Baltimore County lines, very close to Anne Arundel County as well. I’m 5 minutes from BWI. Soundscape is still in business. Another shop called Just Audio also does repairs, other cs members have taken equipment to them for repair. I have several pairs of old Polks, selling the SDA-1Bs. If buying new CD player, I would probably buy a transport to go to my DAC. I have a ladder DAC similar to the Denafrips Aries ii. I have been looki
  8. Merry Christmas!🎄 ⛄ 🎅 Enjoy the holiday with friends and family! barry
  9. Welcome Bob! You have a great collection of gear! I am glad you found Nelion Audio for your service needs! there is a lot of info here, grab your favorite beverage, crank the volume (wake the neighbors), kick off your shoes and have some fun! Barry
  10. Welcome to the world of Carver! Lots of great info here, kick your shoes off, turn up the volume, grab your favorite beverage and stay a while! Barry
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