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  1. I know this is a long shot.....but looking to buy a nice black C-16 faceplate frame in excellent condition that does not have the purple defect. I read on here that the purple defect was caused by an error the contractor made during anodizing process on certain production runs. I currently have the dreaded purple frame. My inner faceplate is perfect black and does not have the defective purple finish, so all I need is a nice black C16 outer frame. Thanks !!
  2. I would like to give Extraordinary Honorable Mention To DennisMiller for going above and beyond with helping me and repairing my broken M-500t. Dennis is a phenomenal tech, extremely knowledgeable, and a very kind person. I don't think I ever met such an outstanding and benevolent person. Dennis is a real champion. Thanks to all the support on the CarverSite. Since I am not a electronics expert, I am very grateful for all the fine people I can go to here on the CarverSite. I would like to give a donation to the site in the name of DennisMiller. Can someone please tell me on how to go about this.
  3. I will try....I'm not that familiar on how to do that....Its actually a photo of my original...…. and I cant find the original brochure in my filing cabinet...….sorry. once I figure it out I will gladly resubmit it for the archives. Thanks
  4. Downloaded my Carver C-16 Preamp Sales Spec Sheet for the community.
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