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  1. I had some things in mind until this am when I bought a carver amp and now this extra needs to go. Emo Pt-100 tuner /dac/ preamp. Works fine looks fine. comes as original box, manual ,remote, access. $200 plus shipping. Parasound Zpre2 small desktop analogue preamp. basic pre for micro system ...$125+ shipping.
  2. home theater has gotten pretty ridiculous. I have used all the popular well regarded HT preamps and some of the legendary receivers...only I have never run them in HT mode. there are plenty of people that do that also. not me. I cant fathom the need for 24 small speakers scattered all over the place. cant imagine th mess of speakes all over the place. reminds me of a guy I know and his BOSE cubes all over the place trying to have me connect it to his Yamaha 2600... but anyhow....the pre was sold on ebay this morning or last night. that is the last time I attempt to use o
  3. this is from around 2001 and cost was $4500. it was the high end of the Onkyo line intended to be a music and a HT system in one preamp. It has balanced outs and is in excellent shape with the remote . has motorized face and nice pretty display. it sounds good but I decided to not go into the home theater setups after all when I decided I didnt want speakers all over the place for music. it doesnt have HDMI but I know plenty of people who run video direct to tv not receiver so not always important...more like convenient. Looking to trade for a carver amp. figure all of you
  4. work done by a person who is on here ... yes I actually do own one..have owned 2 others and a carver sunfire processor. once you try one you always want another i guess Carver TFM-15 Amplifier Restored. Has been fully torture tested and ready to provide many more years of loyal service. The amplifier was stripped down and cleaned Old dried out thermal paste was removed New silicone thermal pads were added to all heat sink mounted transistors All electrolytic caps replaced Power caps were replaced with 22000uf 63v nippon chemi cons ra
  5. the yamaha sounds fine on the polks . plenty of bass if I need it. I havnt come close to the limits of it. I think i would melt the voice coils first even though they are rated at 500rms. the yammie does 650 but I havnt pushed it there. sounds just like this carver tfm15 I am testing right now. the yammie is not a class D its some other special class they have and it runs mostly A/B. website explains EEE better than I can. it sounds nothing like a crown drivecore. I just replaced a NAD c160 stereo preamp. when I ran it I wasnt needing my subs for lows. the yammie
  6. Just got this one in before I realized I was going to need more power. I initially bought to run on some surround speakers but I have a whole other monster for that . I need a tfm45 or 55 not the little 15 although it does a really good job on my power hungry Polks . I do not like to run at the limits I like to have headroom. for most people this will work wonders. I havnt run it to the max but at pretty loud levels its neck and neck with my monster Yamaha . the work thats been done is listed below . blue meters look fantastic but in the pics it looks like a white bonfire in a
  7. folks I dont need a trade for all your stock...I just need a recapped m1.5t or TFM45/55 .....1 amp for 1 amp......I figured this was the easiest way to get a swap and not have to go into piggy bank and I know some of you folks have extra back up for the backups ... I have pics and videos I can send direct to you. apparently too big for here .
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