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  1. wow! over $1000 in face plates alone..thats impressive!
  2. the intentional dumbing down of America so that we are no longer the world leader is necessary for their to be a one world government. we went from booming manufacturing after WW2 to what amounts to is service industry . importing more than exporting. corruption and greed. everyone is for sale . it hasnt happened by accident.
  3. Hey folks. I recently acquired a sunfire gtp II and it works . ive been using it and I was mostly happy. my yellow lights dont work but the rest of them do. that was okay as most of that was just the tuning section anyhow. I was fine with my carver until I bought a cheap tube preamp. since I am just stereo guy this works out better than the Carver. I will at some point own a regular Carver when I find one I want that has been rebuilt. but for now. hello and goodbye...lol...I am a fan though. I love music and nothing beats music on a clean sounding system. peace ! MZ
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