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  1. Phase Linear 4000 preamp with joystick has a quadraphonic decoder chip and 4 channel output.
  2. Low serial number C-4000s like #0773 do not have the quiet phono stage. There was a factory bulletin and a replacement upgrade to the SH unit for low SN. For $67 you sent the preamp in, and Carver Co. performed the upgrade. If you did not do that, then there isn't a "C" written after the serial number on the back.
  3. It's worth it to set up rear channels of C-4000 with an external amp. Sonic hologram + rear channels gives the illusion you are in a club or orchestra. Much better than SH alone. I modded Bill D's C-4000, and we communicated regularly about the upgrades. Some of the changes went into his C-1 mod. What serial number is your C-4000? Silver or anthracite?
  4. Always like seeing lab benches. An auxiliary shelf to stack equipment would help congestion. Kind of like a pantry near a kitchen where you store the mixer.
  5. First picture = bookshelf speakers on steroids.
  6. I like the screen. Also the music room.
  7. They look sharp. This is why my long term C-4000 will have aluminum face plate, rather than anthracite.
  8. I think I missed Captain Pike. Don't know anything about Twin Peaks.
  9. I always liked Kingman's posts. He made the site fun to come to.
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