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  1. @Sk1Bum It's that “Golden” time of the year to celebrate!! Let’s light up our Cohiba Behike BHK 56’s and raise a glass of Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt Whisky to celebrate Sk1Bum (Richard’s) Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!
  2. Loving the looks of your system!! I have wheels on my three bay unit and Its a struggle to move it. I have to hand it to you moving it in and out.
  3. The 4000 that I was using was returned to my son after I got back my Sunfire TGIV from restoration. I did like the feature on the 4000 for the AC PU especially when button 19 is engaged. This is the Correlation-Automatic Threshold system that self-adjusts. Everything rolled into one unit which was kind of nice. I can see why you are leaning toward the 4000. With the Sunfire back in the system I introduced a PL1000 Series II to take care of my Vinyl and tape collection just as @Dennis47 suggested and has worked just fine. I don’t use the built-in phono preamp
  4. @RobThat's what we are talking about!! Perfect addition for a 4000t along with a nice TFM55X that's for sale.
  5. @740carver Very Interesting Question, and this response is only focused on the original question of which 4000 to buy. For a few months I was able to listen to the handy work, and the magic it produced when Nelion restored a very early version of the 4000. I just wish that I had spent the time to read the manual in detail to find out what the full capabilities were. Download the two manuals that are available on this site if you haven’t done it already. The 4000 has the Time Delay; Ambience Reproduction System, whereas the 4000t has what the manual calls a
  6. Barry Does (H + A + 2 (P) + Y) + (B + I +R + T + H + D + A +Y) = Euclid's Fifth Postulate? I'm sure it doesn't, but it does equal your "Special Day". Happy Birthday !!
  7. From wiki "Crosby told Barbara Walters in a 1977 televised interview that he thought marijuana should be legalized." Kind of answers the question?
  8. That is Harry Lillis Crosby Jr. (Bing)
  9. On your special day @Brian_at_HHH I went to your profile, and it all started in Hedgehog Hollow. Your home page took me to the Ad Astra Stone Dedication Ceremony. The last three pictures on that page were of a C-130 fly over. My connection to C-130’s is that I was in the USAF and a crew chief on C-130’s during the Viet Nam war. I spent three years in that part of the world. They became my home, thus my love for that aircraft and respect for a fellow service member. Seeing that your father was a Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force that sealed it for me on what I was
  10. I think it’s safe to say that genetics did have something to do with our collecting Carver gear @Brian_at_HHH. It all started with the C-1 and was hooked when the TFM35 came home. I figured that I might as well get all the critical parts (Amps) done at around the same time so as not to stress any one part of the system. The stamp collection is gone, now it’s down to how well I did with my numismatology. The 15's and the 6 will ship on Tuesday and hope to have them on Thursday. Thanks for the welcome.
  11. …. started out with Dynaco gear and slowly accumulated the below items that I presently have. My son (ChrisTFM35) is also a member of this community and a big fan of all things Carver. He has a collection of Carver, Phase Linear, and Sunfire gear. He also recently gifted me some of the items below. Upon my son's suggestion I packed up seven pieces of my gear to get in various restoration queues. He then loaned me his Nelion Audio restored Carver C-4000 to tide me over. The combination of the restored Carver C-4000 from @Nahash5150 and a welcomed addition and nicely rest
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