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  1. Melissa, and family; I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Barry personally, only from reading his posts on this site. From them you knew he was a Special Person. During his trying times early this year he somehow found the time to welcome a new member or just respond to a random posting. I think one in particular will somewhat shed some light on who Barry is: “Welcome to the site! Kick your shoes off, grab your favorite beverages. Crank some tunes, wake the neighbors. Most if all have fun. lots of great info on these forums, some of us have been here a long time! please ask if you have questions. We love to see photos, so as your post count goes up you will be able to post a few! Enjoy the site and welcome home! Barry” His closing last three words in the above “and welcome home!” presents a great image of Barry. That was back in Feb of this year. Wishing you Peace and Comfort during this unimaginable time.
  2. Today is that special time of the year. Enjoy!! Happy Birthday @4RUNNER I assume you still have your 84 ride?
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