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  1. @Receiver2000 For determining the rating that is required for a generator there are a few things that must be determined. First, what are the appliances and their load that will be connected to the generator? For example, I’ve put together this list. Running and starting/surge watts will vary depending on where you source the data. Running watts Starting/surge watts Toaster 850 W 850 W Refrigerator / Freezer 700 W 2,200 W Hot Plate 1,200 W 1,725 W Laptop 50 W 0 W Lamp (2 Light bulbs) 150W 0 W Window AC (10,000 BTU) 1,200 W 3,600 W Total Running Watts = 4,150 W Total Starting watts = 8,375 W For this case I need to source a generator that has the capability of providing at minimum of 8,375 surge watts and 4,150 running watts. Also not taken into account is what is my safety factor? It is recommended to maintain a load at or below 90% of the rated output to ensure steady voltage output and to prolong the generator’s lifespan. So based on this I would look at a unit that has 4615 running watts and 9310 surge watts at a minimum. If it’s a dual fuel unit that allows the user to switch between Gas and propane one will need to check out the surge and running watts for each. Also one spec that they give sometimes is what the half load runtime is for a full tank of gas. Don’t know what the equivalent is for when you are on propane or some alternate fuel. Some manufactures have different methods of calculating the starting/surge watts.
  2. @johnrotten Before you partake in today's special activities celebrating your Birthday, I need to ask your professional advice. I need to replace an EFEN fuse in my 160A 500-volt circuit but can't find in my Ugly’s Electrical References, 2020 Edition what grade bolt I should use. See picture below. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!!!!
  3. @Receiver2000I have her Motherland album and it features her solo piano works of the various Classical greats from Bach to Handel.
  4. Khatia Buniatishvili Playing Chopin? or Franz Liszt!
  5. If I ever need a pick me up I'm playing this baby!! I'm still jazzed up from that session. I'm ever so glad I placed that album in my cart.
  6. I really don't know if words can express my feelings, but I was blown away. The recording made me feel I was there. The energy was present throughout the whole session. WOW, fantastic!!
  7. Wow I did not know that. After a little research I found this: New Release, ‘Dave Brubeck Trio – Live From Vienna 1967’, Out April 15, 2022 — Brubeck Editions As I'm typing this the package arrived and it's off to play his album!!
  8. Wish you luck today. That was about the cross section of what was in the few stores I went to. Mostly young. I will not be going out today as this is a car work day. At lunch my son and I will spin some jazz. I also have coming today the five albums that I ordered earlier in the week and in that order is Brubeck Live from Vienna 1967!
  9. Dexter Gordon - Clubhouse
  10. Dexter Gordon - Doin' Allright Full album
  11. RSD today and what was it like for me? The first place that I went to was packed and I could not get in or near any albums. I went to another, and they did not have anything that I wanted. Went to the mall with my wife and spent the rest of the day with her. It was a lot more enjoyable. Came home and we spent time online looking for stuff. Was able to get two albums I was looking for and tossed in a bonus. Dexter Gordon - Clubhouse Dexter Gordon - Doin' Allright Bonus - Sonny Rollins - Volume 1 LP (Blue Note 75th Anniversary Reissue Series)
  12. Cheese and Crackers that sucks!!
  13. @MHzTweaker No worries about getting more than what I can use. I only have room for two decks. Of the two that I have now one is moving on so that only leaves room for one. I've noticed that when looking at tapes, and I'm also waiting for ATR Magnetics to get in a new stock of 90 min tapes.
  14. Happy Birthday AJ!! Enjoy your Special Day!!
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