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  1. It may be Monday Munchies in Evansville, Indiana but more important it's @Dennis47's Birthday Monday Munchies | Visit Evansville A few of the places look very tempting especially the last place called "Insomnia Cookies" ENJOY YOUR SPECIAL DAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Dennis47
  2. Carter: Warm up the tubes, dial in your favorite tunes, and enjoy your special day!!. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Zenith4me!!
  3. Galt is acknowledged to be a philosopher and inventor, and today we are celebrating @iamjohngalt's BIRTHDAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! @iamjohngalt ENJOY YOUR DAY!!
  4. Happy Birthday @Yamacarver! Do something with a little fun and adventure today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  5. @weitrhino @SteveFord Here is a location for information on the unit (S-3000). Create an account (free) and you can select from seven items in their database to download. Sherwood S-3000 Monophonic FM Tuner Manual | HiFi Engine
  6. As a result of that I think I'm coming away better informed. My kid days test bed was equipment like the below picture. I would get a stack of Herb Albert and go to town.
  7. @4krow @ChrisTFM35 Greg, same as you I could not make out the fine print. In my interest to find out what this process entailed I came across this link. MoFi Ultradisc One-Step Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Limited Edition: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Ultradisc One-Step Supervinyl MoFi MFSL (mofi-ultradisc-one-step.blogspot.com) The small words below each are "Positive" Then "Negative" and so on. The paragraphs above and below the picture describe the process in more detail. I found them very informative. Prior to this Mofi discussion; when I ventured out to purchase vinyl, it was the artist followed with is it a 180 gr, half speed master, ........ The final result was, did it sound good. I then sat back and enjoyed the music.
  8. Modern day Lunch atop a skyscraper
  9. The 275 in the company of some of its relatives.
  10. @Ar9Jim Jim, I agree with @ChrisTFM35 (son)!! We have played CD, cassette, and vinyl, with the system described above. With the 275 as the center of focus it is a very enjoyable experience. Not only does it sound great, it is also a work of art.
  11. Word got out that it was your Birthday, so they all decided it was time for a Road Trip to help you celebrate. ENJOY YOUR DAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!
  12. @AndrewJohn @B-Man I was hoping to find some answers myself on how it was done and where it was. I got lucky in my search and found this link about how the picture was taken and other facts. The Wave Swept Lighthouses of Brittany, France | Amusing Planet The open question is how did they build it in the first place?
  13. Charles Clyde Ebbets Lunch atop a Skyscraper
  14. Check out the person standing in the doorway.
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