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  1. BarryG

    Too much?

    If it makes you happy and you like the sound,; is all that matters! I would love to hear that setup! Barry
  2. Congrats to zenith 4 me, thanks OTD and Kevin! barry
  3. New Nils Lofgren Live double album! Titled ‘Weathered’. I can identify two songs from the show I went to! https://www.nilslofgren.com/
  4. Lol you should have seen his trailer! Barry
  5. Lol that happens a lot! Kevin is definitely an enabler for OCCD too! barry
  6. I hope to make it to Carverfest next year! Been a rough year to get away!
  7. Nice Karma, thanks guys, I already have tube magic! I am not in! Winner is going to enjoi this! barry
  8. nice setup! I also enjoy DIY. I like the amps a lot. The GR-Research XLS Encore speakers look nice. I was considering the x-statics until i read about the nx studio monitors, I have a guy in Texas who can make me a flat pack for anything in the GR line. thanks for sharing Dennis, Barry
  9. Blair witch project, lol such a bad movie. It was filmed in the country west of Baltimore near Frederick! A bunch of kids for a school project I think! i could not watch it! barry
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