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  1. Hi All - Happy to be a brand new part of this community! How about a little about me. I'm a fifty-something empty-nester in Portland, Maine. I've been into stereo equipment since the 80s when I was in HS and college and have recently started getting back into it. Just bought my first piece of Carver equipment; a Receiver 900. WOW! I love it. It was something I coveted back in the 80s but never had the money for that, especially when I started having kids. I am running that with a vintage pair of Allison IIs, and just also picked up a Technics SL-1200 MkII. Eventually, I'd like to get into some separates, but I'm not in any rush...I'd like to learn a bit more about Carver separates and what to look for, etc. Anyone else in this community in or near southern Maine? Chip
  2. Hi everyone.  Glad to be a new member of this community and looking forward to learning a lot more about Carver equipment!

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