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  1. Under the Topic Amps- can we add TFM-75 and or "other amps"
  2. Thanks for helping and an update
  3. … But I don't come 'round here to meet nice people anyway And what the hell am I doing drunk in the middle of the day And I can feel the departure of all my hard earned pay But with the shades drawn everything just drifts away Shades
  4. Probably not going to use the headphone jack every day, it would be nice to have a cover that plugs into it and cleans up the right side. Maybe an option for purchase?
  5. Another trip around the sun- congratulations
  6. maytag

    SOLD- Carver C-1 BillD by Jeffs

    A wonderful C-1 upgraded to BillD by Jeffs. $500 including shipping or serious offer.
  7. maytag

    SOLD- Carver C-1 PreAmp

    A beautiful C-1 that has been renewed by HiTech Audio. Maybe 2 hours use if that. $400 plus shipping or serious offer considered
  8. Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor Apparently I have been breathing wrong- seriously the book has some really great ideas
  9. Look for the car that smells like Chinese food and disappointment
  10. Contact tracing requires you to go back to your room
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