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  1. I have never owned or even heard a tube amp. Would love to a comparison. I’m in with 20 - maybe making 2020 a little better. I was thinking if I won, I could send it out in a roadshow.
  2. Our house is still there. Slight break in the weather. Over 600 structures lost and 50+ missing persons. Our house has the black car in front. Thanks for the support.
  3. Somehow the houses on our street survived. All the houses in the surrounding neighborhoods burned. Water, gas and power are off for weeks. Still hot and high fire danger. We are out of town and feeling hopeless. Hearing about looting doesn’t help. Hard to get additional resources because of multiple large fires in Oregon. Just have to wait and see. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/10/us/satellite-images-oregon-wildfire-trnd/index.html
  4. Our Dachshund Missy. 14 years old and she has been blind for the last 3 or so
  5. Aviation gin in my whisky glass
  6. I saw they were going to release a bunch of the Star Trek masks. I would caution you about wearing a red mask.
  7. Meet the newest member of the superhero universe, six-year-old Bridger Walker from Wyoming. This little guy stepped in front of a charging dog to protect his little sister. Bridger was bitten numerous times on the face and head, needing 90 stitches to close his wounds. Link to story and pictures That said, if you really want to do something cool for Bridger, he is a huge fan of Geology. You can send him some cool rocks to the address below. Bridger Walker P.O. Box 22141 Cheyenne, WY 82003 https://thechive.com/2020/07/15/90-stitches-young-hero-saves-his-little-sister-from-a-dog-attack-12-photos/
  8. Anyone available to pick up and babysit some speakers for me in the Austin Tx area? Pls PM me
  9. My sister and I were going to meet our older brother and some of his friends at Toads in New Haven CT- a local Yale uni bar. It was a 40 min drive and as we started we diverted to downtown Hartford due to the heavy rain. My brother also didn't show for unknown reasons. The Rolling Stones showed up and played. They quietly rented a small town in Ct to get ready for a tour and wanted a warm up. $3 cover. Win some...lose some... https://ultimateclassicrock.com/rolling-stones-steel-wheels-warm-up/
  10. I'm 52 and my surgeon did say I have mild degeneration. i have a picture of the disk in place but thought it may be a little graphic
  11. Great Karma Not a watch guy or gal so not in Excited to watch this .... (see that "watch" I snuck in there)
  12. Had my C5 C6 disk replaced this morning. Surgeon went thru front of neck and placed an artificial disk. Walked out 4 hrs later. Sore but tolerable. Amazing what they can do
  13. Marshall V Soria 2773 N Hayes Ave Fresno, CA 93723 https://kmph.com/news/local/family-of-wwii-veteran-asks-for-100-cards-for-his-100th-birthday
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