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  1. Lookin' Good, Greg. It is more readable. And yes, my eyesight's finally beginning to settle down. I'm still farsighted as can be, but that's to be expected with this Cataract biz... Stay safe everyone...I'm Spinning "The Doors" Infinite Box set and listening to my vintage system SX-1980/A-760x. They're cruisin' like they're doin' the backstroke!
  2. Congrats and many thanks, Greg! (Looking forward to getting my A-760x back home!)
  3. Hi Again fellow Carver fans, I'm still looking for a .pdf of the Carver TX1-11 Service Manual, if anyone happens to have one. TIA. Glad to see the site back up. Best to all...
  4. "Watermelon", but yeah, it's possibly the BEST single Guitar performance of his career. Along with "St. Ettiene," it's one of my favorites for sure! The Horns make this tune! Thanks for posting! Presently, I'm listening to the HR (Frankfurt) Radio Big Band CD "Three Decades of Steely Dan". I think you can download it on iTunes, but I don't do iStuff after they Swiss-cheesed my computer because I didn't buy my Music from them. But you should check the album out anyway. CD's are hard to come by...
  5. Thank you both for your time and generosity of resources. It is MUCH appreciated!
  6. Sorry if this isn't where this is supposed to go, but I'm trying to find a cleaner copy of the Digital Time Lens OM. The one on file doesn't seem to print right. I think it was an 8.5x11 manual and it appears to have been shrunk/downscaled. If you try to print it in booklet form it doesn't collate correctly. (Opposing pages are upside down.) Does anybody have one? TIA...
  7. Anything Jim Fielder played on is a contender, really... The whole record cooks. Vicious groove...
  8. Velocity is cool and all, but playing with intensity SLOW is where the woodshed dues really show. Besides, it's hard to beat a boatload of close-miked Alto/Bass Flutes. Has a great beat, and not easy to dance to...
  9. Much appreciated. On the whole, things are better than they were. Knowing's better than not knowing. Thanks again, everyone!
  10. Yes, I'm afraid I have OCCD and OCD, lol... Yes, there were (and are) health issues. (I was diagnosed as a Diabetic in 1985, but I likely had it for up to a decade before that.) Also, Insurance/Prescription coverage issues...it's like a time machine going back to 1984, except with 2018 hyperinflation. But I had been similarly undiagnosed with Polycythemia (since at least around the mid-90's I'd guess) and it was driving Hypoxia, and they both interact to make each other worse. Thanks again, fellas. Onward and Upward... : - )
  11. RickTM, I think. But it's been awhile. Thanks for the warm welcome. There's been "life stuff" going on and I had to "beat that back" some. The warm welcome is much appreciated. I've got a "lamp thing" with my newest SSS and it's got me rattled. I don't usually make "dumb mistakes", but this one has every sign of being one. I don't know what exactly went south as I was reassembling the amp...anyhoo...please take a look at my thread about it...Best to everyone!
  12. OCCD? If that stands for what I think I remember it standing for, I'm not just a member, I think I might've been a President at one point. Or at least qualified for running for office.....lol..... I've also got just a bit (enough to be healthy) of plain old regular (Non Carver acquisition related) OCD. So in any event, I'm probably guilty as charged.....and I'm in no hurry to try to kick the habit....
  13. I'm a retired Professional Musician (Music Teacher day gig) and I've spent a lot of time around good gear. I'm also a Pioneer SPEC (and Elite) era fan, but I like many different brands of gear. I lived through a "second" golden age of home high fidelity. I think a lot of the Music from my time helped the gear and a lot of the gear has helped the Music. I'd like to see that "reboot" if it's possible.....lol..... What goes around comes around....eventually....so hope springs eternal! Thx to everyone for the "Welcome back". I'll try to post more regularly.....
  14. Hi folks, I recognize many of the names here. I belonged some years ago, and I had to take a break owing to health concerns. (They're ongoing, but I'm doing much better these days.) I've owned a BUNCH of Carver pieces of gear. Many I've sold, many I've kept. I asked to have my name/screen name changed long ago and I suspect that if it wasn't done, my registration was deleted owing (justifiably) to my not getting back and posting more often. Here's a partial list of the amps I've owned. M1.0t-2 (1987-sold) M400 (1986-sold) C-2 (1986-sold) C-1 (1992-sold) TX-2 (1986-sold) TX-11a (1988-sold) and (These I still own and use every day. Except for the C-9.....) C-9 (non-functional) TX-1-11 (four and counting-one parts) A-200 (2006) A-760x (1998) A-753x (2002) Sunfire Signature 600x2 (2002) Sunfire Signature 400x5 (2007) Carver Plat III Amazings (1988) Loudspeaker Control System ECU-1 (1988) Z-1 (1988) I've had the Sunfires in my main system for quite some time and they're (pound for pound) the best high fidelity amplifiers I've heard. I've heard a few that I think were in the running but not without adding "dumb" numbers of digits left of the decimal. So I'm slowly being priced out of my favorite hobby. But I thought I should rejoin and say Hello. Best wishes to everyone, I look forward to reading the forums!
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