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  1. I am an Apple Music subscriber so I look forward to this: June 1st > Apple Music announces Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos; will bring Lossless Audio to entire catalog
  2. Thanks to @Dadvw and @Will Meyer for some more CDP manuals. Added to our Database today: Carver SDA-370 (PSD-36b) CDP SM Carver TL-3220-3200 Compact Disc Players OM Carver SDA-350 CD Changer SM
  3. I gave this a listen about a week ago. 👍
  4. I came upon this artist watching the "Rick Beato" YouTube Channel. Crowfield "Cardinal Motion" Give the whole album a listen. 👍
  5. Thanks guys. @AndrewJohn my own woodwork. The silkscreening is actually water-slide decals printed on my laser printer.
  6. I have been wanting move my hobby more towards DIY. DIY is fun. My speakers are DIY and have been in my system for over a year. I am very pleased with them. The speakers are now complimented by a DIY Amplifier and Pre-amplifier. OVATION NX-AMPLIFIER: A HIGH PERFORMANCE 100 W CLASS AB CURRENT FEEDBACK AMPLIFIER PREAMPLIFIER 2012 - Designed by Douglas Self- Featured in Elektor Magazine in 2012 - Also discussed in detail in his book "Self on Audio". This is a very quiet system at idle. Dead Quiet. Very clean and crisp sonics. I am extremely pleased
  7. Greg added a new subcategory in our Downloads for miscellaneous Carver info and files. Today I added a Carver Warranty Certificate and a Carver Warranty Registration Card
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Donated to the site by Will Meyer. Thanks Will....
  9. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This certificate was donated by Will Meyer.
  10. We now have the full Carver TD-1700 Service Manual in our Manuals Database courtesy of Dadvw and Will Meyer. We really have a great resource in these manuals available to everyone. Thanks guys.
  11. $700 plus shipping might be high for us during this pandemic. I can accept payments. But let's take a look at what kind of deal this is. Cost of mkII mod = $505 [$425 ( plus shipping 2 ways, expect at least $40 each way)] Cost of eBay Black Faceplate = $134 [$120 (plus $10.33 shipping)] Shipping to you = $40 minimum Cost of base amp prior to work = $21 (700 - 505 - 134 - 40) A $21 amp. Where are you going to find clean M500t amp for $21. I am giving it away. 3 year warranty. Where are you going to get a trusted amp with warranty
  12. Loved the book. Read it twice. Did not care for the 1994 miniseries. This looks like it will be good.
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