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  1. There is no DC Offset adjustment on the M1.0t. High Offset is probably do to mismatch in complimentary transistor pairs, or out of tolerance components due to age, or the input opamp, or a difference in the (+) or (-) low voltages that powers the opamp. Or a combination of all of the above. However, I think any Offset between 20mV and 50mV (though not ideal) is acceptable. There is something wrong if the Offset is above 50mV and requires investigation. Anything below 20mV is perfectly OK for these amps. In your case I am not sure I would chase that ghost.
  2. I subscribe to "Blues Music" magazine. I always get some good leads on new releases or re-released gems. This one has got me dancing in my chair. Mississippi Delta Blues.
  3. No need to make this personal. Play it cool. Keep the discussion on topic please.
  4. @TheGrumpyOldHermit: This is one of my favorite live albums. It will be on tomorrows playlist. Thanks for the reminder.
  5. This is another one of my favorites that is often played beginning to end. The story behind "Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)" is fascinating. The last track "Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five" provides such a great cohesive conclusion to this album.
  6. This came to mind first:
  7. I just started the first season two nights ago. I am hooked.
  8. @Sk1Bum Darby Mills - New artist to me. Wow! Added. @Charlie Norman Brown - Also new to me. Nice! Added to my wish list. Thanks guys. I wish to share: When one has a large collection of music one tends to forget, bypass, move past some older music that was a favorite years back. I like soundtracks. Today I had time to look for the old familiar but forgotten in my collection in the soundtracks genre. I moved past "The Lion King and Aladdin" (left over from when kids still ruled the house). I then saw the soundtrack to "Miami Vice". Some great music by Glen Fry, Tina Turner and Phil Collins. But the Theme song by "Jan Hammer" is an iconic title. So I looked up more recent work by Jan Hammer. Here is a 2018 tasty treat if you like Electronic New Age. Happy to share this. Hope you try it.
  9. Shipped. I want to thank Bruce for the wonderful box enclosure. There are a lot of details that cannot be appreciated as seen in the pictures. Most ingenious is the hidden magnet fasteners installed in the lid to secure the it to the enclosure. Bruce put a lot of effort into this this project. Thank you. You are a Master Craftsman. I also want to shout out to Greg for his work in putting the electronic guts into place. And Keven who gave me some really nice Bugle Boy Tubes to replace the Russian Tubes that came with it. With those tubes installed I don't think Richard will need to do any tube rolling. Enjoy Richard. Now you are on the hook to show us some pictures.
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