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  1. I always look for an opportunity to meet up in person with my forum buddies. I am visiting my sister-in-law in Concord, NH and made arrangements with Ken (compwaco) to get together today. We have been able to do this a couple of times over the last few years. Today we met for lunch were we discussed the forum (gossip), equipment, and family. I also brought with me a rebuilt MXR-130 that Ken was interested in. It was a lot of fun and big win all the way around. Thanks Ken. I look forward to the next time.
  2. @Sk1Bum Yes, I can see this R. Cray album fitting into this category.
  3. John donated the manuals and brochures to the site. I received them yesterday and I will scan the brochures for inclusion into our database. Thank you John.
  4. dennismiller55

    Jack Ryan

    Agreed. It's great TV. I just finished season 2.
  5. There is no DC Offset adjustment on the M1.0t. High Offset is probably do to mismatch in complimentary transistor pairs, or out of tolerance components due to age, or the input opamp, or a difference in the (+) or (-) low voltages that powers the opamp. Or a combination of all of the above. However, I think any Offset between 20mV and 50mV (though not ideal) is acceptable. There is something wrong if the Offset is above 50mV and requires investigation. Anything below 20mV is perfectly OK for these amps. In your case I am not sure I would chase that ghost.
  6. I subscribe to "Blues Music" magazine. I always get some good leads on new releases or re-released gems. This one has got me dancing in my chair. Mississippi Delta Blues.
  7. No need to make this personal. Play it cool. Keep the discussion on topic please.
  8. @TheGrumpyOldHermit: This is one of my favorite live albums. It will be on tomorrows playlist. Thanks for the reminder.
  9. This is another one of my favorites that is often played beginning to end. The story behind "Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)" is fascinating. The last track "Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five" provides such a great cohesive conclusion to this album.
  10. This came to mind first:
  11. I just started the first season two nights ago. I am hooked.
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