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  1. Lightstar 1 Amplifier Schematics added to the database. This manual was donated by @mbskeam. Thank you Mike....
  2. This is a nice amp. Should provide years of reliable service. I added a power switch and used a salvaged "t" model faceplate and power button. I like have a front panel power switch. The amp is in my possession and will be packed right for shipping. PM me with any questions about the amp (except pricing).
  3. I contacted Jim ( @Ar9Jim ) who also owns Jim Clark Stereo about Tube Amp Manuals. He sent me files for the current line-up of Carver tube amps and speakers. I have added them to our database. 350 Watt Vacuum Tube Amplifier Crimson 275 Owner's Manual Amazing Line Source Loudspeaker Thank you Jim!
  4. Today was a good day to spend at the scanner and working on the files. I replaced an extremely poor C-16 Owner's Manual with a fresh much improved scan.
  5. Shout out to @Will Meyer for his PM-120 Service Manual donation. This manual consisted of 8.5x11 sheets so I was able to scan it here at home. Text at 300dpi, Schematics/Layout at 600dpi. Added to our new database this morning. Thank you Will! I also added all of the Phase Linear manuals that we have to the new database.
  6. Shout out to @4RUNNER for his TD-1700 Owners Manual Donation. Added today. I also found a Receiver 6200 Service Manual in my stash. Scanned and added today. I also started adding in the Phase Linear manuals this morning. I will be working on getting these posted this week. @Will Meyer Thanks for your donations. I received another one today. I like to take the large sheets to Staples were I can do full sheet scans. So it might be a few days/weeks before I can get there. Wife has me sequestered.
  7. When I first saw this post I thought "He is chasing a unicorn". I guess unicorns do exist.
  8. @mbskeam I assume the manual pages you posted in jpg format is from a Lightstar manual. I tried converting the images to pdf with poor results. Is it possible to get these pages scanned in pdf format (at least 600dpi)?
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