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  1. Thanks to @Dadvw and @Will Meyer for some more CDP manuals. Added to our Database today: Carver SDA-370 (PSD-36b) CDP SM Carver TL-3220-3200 Compact Disc Players OM Carver SDA-350 CD Changer SM
  2. I gave this a listen about a week ago. 👍
  3. I came upon this artist watching the "Rick Beato" YouTube Channel. Crowfield "Cardinal Motion" Give the whole album a listen. 👍
  4. Thanks guys. @AndrewJohn my own woodwork. The silkscreening is actually water-slide decals printed on my laser printer.
  5. I have been wanting move my hobby more towards DIY. DIY is fun. My speakers are DIY and have been in my system for over a year. I am very pleased with them. The speakers are now complimented by a DIY Amplifier and Pre-amplifier. OVATION NX-AMPLIFIER: A HIGH PERFORMANCE 100 W CLASS AB CURRENT FEEDBACK AMPLIFIER PREAMPLIFIER 2012 - Designed by Douglas Self- Featured in Elektor Magazine in 2012 - Also discussed in detail in his book "Self on Audio". This is a very quiet system at idle. Dead Quiet. Very clean and crisp sonics. I am extremely pleased
  6. Greg added a new subcategory in our Downloads for miscellaneous Carver info and files. Today I added a Carver Warranty Certificate and a Carver Warranty Registration Card
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Donated to the site by Will Meyer. Thanks Will....
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This certificate was donated by Will Meyer.
  9. We now have the full Carver TD-1700 Service Manual in our Manuals Database courtesy of Dadvw and Will Meyer. We really have a great resource in these manuals available to everyone. Thanks guys.
  10. $700 plus shipping might be high for us during this pandemic. I can accept payments. But let's take a look at what kind of deal this is. Cost of mkII mod = $505 [$425 ( plus shipping 2 ways, expect at least $40 each way)] Cost of eBay Black Faceplate = $134 [$120 (plus $10.33 shipping)] Shipping to you = $40 minimum Cost of base amp prior to work = $21 (700 - 505 - 134 - 40) A $21 amp. Where are you going to find clean M500t amp for $21. I am giving it away. 3 year warranty. Where are you going to get a trusted amp with warranty
  11. Loved the book. Read it twice. Did not care for the 1994 miniseries. This looks like it will be good.
  12. M-500t mkII is still available. I will be going south for the winter on 1 OCT. So if anyone is interested we need to do this before then.
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