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  1. Interruptions from poor internet has it's moments. But overall we can watch programming without the spinning circle. We are suppose to get 7mbs down and 1mbs up. Speedtest averages 5mbs down. We have a lot of wifi devices in the home which can impact Roku streaming. Place an iPhone on a charger when an update is pending and we lose the TV. These are just minor inconveniences and we work around them.
  2. We have had both Directv and Dish. I was happy with both. I preferred Dish. We only lost service with extreme hard rain or snow. Most of the shows we watched were played from the built-in DVR so signal loss was never a serious problem. Cost motivated us to switch to streaming through a Roku device. Now we have problems because of poor internet service.
  3. Welcome to the site Carlos. At a minimum you should replace the electrolytic capacitors. There are no exact replacement for the large high rail capacitors. You will need an adaptor to fit a replacement capacitor. Greg at Nelion Audio has these adaptors. You can contact him for the specifics. You can also PM here @Nahash5150. There are some Service Bulletins that should be accomplished. They are outlined in the service manual avail here on the site. There is also the mkII modification. There are several post here that discuss this popular mod. Greg can do that mod for you.
  4. Mike Campbell (of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)
  5. It probably could use a tuner alignment as well.
  6. Does the clock still work?
  7. I buy quality streak. Salt and a little pepper is all I use. I don't want to mask the taste of the cow.
  8. Saw this last night on the CBS Evening News. Veteran trumpet and bugle players discuss the power of playing "Taps"
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