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  1. Thanks for the pic. Glad to have you around.
  2. PMAT

    Advice Needed

    You may really like your MXR when it’s finished. But who am I to stop more Carver collecting?
  3. PMAT

    Advice Needed

    I would wait because a lot of gear is going to hit the market in my opinion. For your set up I think a TFM 42 or Tfm 45 or 4.0 T would be perfect. They are all the same amp. Tons of power and would only need a refresh. They also sound great.
  4. Member Ed (Sea) rebuilds carver ribbons and may have some pointers for you. Controlling those strong magnets will be tough. The modified Infinities looks like a fun project. Pictures please, when you can.
  5. You could build them from scratch. The schematics are available here.
  6. Thanks for joining in. Don't hesitate to join the fray an any topic. Cheers
  7. California, jagged coast and sandy beach, giant primordial forest, alpine wilderness, high desert, southwest desert, grassy plains, scrub country, rolling hills, mesas and canyons, badlands, salt flats, skyscrapers and quaint little towns, cowboys, Indians, rednecks, gays and anything else you can think of. Oh yes, and palm trees.
  8. Welcome, I’m in the North Bay myself.
  9. Pucking great. Sorry I couldn’t resist.
  10. Get your hands dirty. Order some reasonable parts and have some fun. The more you dig around and try stuff the more you will learn. All of us make mistakes so who cares about that. Fixing your own screw ups is a great way to learn. Just don’t electrocute yourself in the doing.
  11. this whole set from 70 year old Jeff beck at Ronnie Scotts is phenomenal. Super talented group with Vinnie and Tal.
  12. Woo hooooo. In with 23. Damn nice karma.
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