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  1. I come here for humor to lighten my day. Save the crap for the restroom.
  2. Really! >>> here <<<
  3. Hey Guy's it's my ad. A funny thing happens often when I am selling something nice. I will lower the price, nothing happens, I lower it again, nothing happens except the lowballs get lower. Then I raise the price and it sells. Go figure. Thats what I am hoping here. If anyone really wants this gem let me know and we can work it out. I sold its sister 625X2 to a member here at a great price. He was looking for a long time. This one I will hold out for a good price for me. Cheers, PMAT
  4. Welcome aboard. Nice to have you here.
  5. You don't go to garage sales.
  6. Welcome Carver lover. Glad to have you. Don't be shy, join in to any discussions that you like. Post some pictures when you can. It's always nice to hear from the newbies.
  7. And that is it in a nutshell. There really is something to the synergy thing including the room. So many variables to mesh.
  8. I own one and it is about my 20th amp over the years. I worked in audio in the 80's and I've heard many more. There is nothing dry or grainy about this amp. Carver haters usually have not actually heard one. Mine has been serviced properly by a Carversite tech. I bought it non-functioning. I've also owned a pair of Carver 9t monoblocks and several other Carver amps. Here is the scoop, it excels in all of the typical amplifier jargon for sound quality like "soundstage, bottom end, sparkle" etc. The Sig 600 is the cats meow. There is nothing I can criticize about it other than it has no power switch (so what). Where it shines (like many Carver designs) is in the ability to drive speakers well. The total absence of clipping distortion is readily apparent and a revelation for those lucky enough to listen to one. The Sig in particular will drive any speaker and not break a sweat. It doesn't even get warm. It is a total monster. Also, having gobs of headroom will make many speakers "open up". Although tons of power are always on tap, it does so with a sweet demeanor. Delicate sounds are perfect. I would put my Sig against any amp at any price in a blind test. My Sig recently went up against a Pass Labs XA 200.8 https://www.passlabs.com/products/xa200-8/ and the owner was spooked that the Sunfire went toe to toe with his huge Class A monos and HAD MORE POWER. A lot more. People may prefer a different amp for many reasons but it's usually just bias. Am I biased? Yep! How can I possibly improve an amp that sounds fantastic and will control any speaker the future will throw at it with ease. You can't go wrong if you can find one. I'm never selling mine.
  9. The BEST in my opinion.
  10. Ooooooh yeeeesssssss, love that big badass sub. Have fun adjusting your sack without your hand. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks for joining us. Make yourself at home and dive right in to the fray. Cheers 👍
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