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  1. I vote for you to have a “fuck them all” button on your mental remote control. Seriously, it’s pretty sad when you have to put disclaimers on for people that wanna stick dental tools in you for doing it the way you want. Your gear your house your ears, fuck them all! Have fun, have more fun, and worry not about the crazies who want to pick on you. Bravo on your system forever. Carry on sir, paul
  2. I am apparently not aligned with the music room choices. (Sucked donkey dick) My apologies if I offended anyone.
  3. Thanks Kev, I’ll check them out.
  4. Thanks for joining. Feel free to dive right in to any of these topics. Post some pics and have some fun. Doing the tfm 45 isa good idea. It’s a great amp to keep around.
  5. Welcome aboard. Don’t be shy. Join the fray.
  6. Impressive congregation of electronics
  7. No,I disagree. Forgetting has a magic side for us old solderers. We can have the same discovery experience over and over. Besides, if you wrote it down you’d forget you had. 😜
  8. That is Jeff Beck in his sixties! DAMN!
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