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  1. Thanks for joining us. Make yourself at home and dive right in to the fray. Cheers 👍
  2. Welcome and have some fun learning. Please feel free to jump right in to all topics that interest you. 👍
  3. PMAT

    Favorite Pictures

    I thought this was a favorite PICTURE thread. It’s turned into a another jokes forum. Let’s stick with pictures. Yeah yeah I’m a stick in the mud.It’s turned into a another jokes forum. Let’s stick with pictures. Yeah yeah I’m a stick in the mud.
  4. Welcome fellow gear nut. Jump right in here and go for it. No need to be shy or worrying about stepping on toes. It’s a mellow, fun group here. Glad you found us!
  5. Get both and play with them ------DUH!
  6. Welcome. They have a daring name but they can back it up. Placement is crucial with these big dipoles. Have fun and share your experience.
  7. Welcome to Carverworld, the ride that never stops.
  8. Welcome to the Carver madness. Make yourself at home. Very few alligators around here. Share some pictures when you can.
  9. Waaaaay Cool !! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Welcome! I can relate as the equipment guy for parties back in the day. I tried to relive that a little 4 years ago when I bought some Electro-Voice T52+ PA speakers for holiday barbeques at work. I drove them with my Carver TFM-45 and a Yamaha preamp. Talk about loud! I loved it but everyone else was a dud so I stopped bringing them.
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