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  1. Come on young man, beat this incident!
  2. There are plenty of 6 1/2 inch blades around. You don’t need anything fancy. If the blade on it is fairly sharp, which you can check with a finger nail, just leave it on and forget about it. If the blade is toast just buy a cheap one at Harbor freight. You don’t have much use for a saw apparently so just get a cheap blade. They work great with most household needs.
  3. Gut wrenching, prayers to you and your family.
  4. Nice! Thanks for all the extra ammunition and I can use with the wife.
  5. Good post deckley. Keep em coming.
  6. Please stay connected to us, even if you can’t find words to post. We’re always here for you.
  7. That’s very nice. Too wife friendly for me. I’m thinking 6 foot speakers would be nice to frame it.
  8. Thanks for the pic. Glad to have you around.
  9. PMAT

    Advice Needed

    You may really like your MXR when it’s finished. But who am I to stop more Carver collecting?
  10. PMAT

    Advice Needed

    I would wait because a lot of gear is going to hit the market in my opinion. For your set up I think a TFM 42 or Tfm 45 or 4.0 T would be perfect. They are all the same amp. Tons of power and would only need a refresh. They also sound great.
  11. Member Ed (Sea) rebuilds carver ribbons and may have some pointers for you. Controlling those strong magnets will be tough. The modified Infinities looks like a fun project. Pictures please, when you can.
  12. You could build them from scratch. The schematics are available here.
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