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  1. PMAT

    Speaker "pop"

    I once had a bad light switch in a bathroom that would send a loud pop through my system.
  2. Welcome aboard buddy. I started at this site because of AL IIIs as well. They do some great sound. Have fun and enjoy the Carver experience.
  3. So sorry to hear about this. I’ve been through it three times now. I know exactly what you’re going through. My heart goes out to you and your fam. PM me if you wanna chat about it. Hang tough.
  4. Welcome aboard, it’s nice of you to join the group. Don’t be shy, join any topic and enjoy yourself.
  5. I’m near the Pacific and it was 113 today. It’s still 110 at 6:20 pm.
  6. Impressive gear. I’d love to hear it. Thanks for the pics.
  7. Welcome aboard. Nice group of equipment you have!
  8. Those Axioms are dynamite speakers. A big bookshelf with balls. I bet they, and you, will love the TFM-45 driving them. Looking forward to your impressions.
  9. Nice, that’s not too far. I’m the only other member in the bay area I believe. Glad to have you aboard. What speakers are you running?
  10. Welcome aboard brother. I am in Norcal as well. Where are you at?
  11. PMAT

    Hey there, welcome to the circus. I live in Northern California as well. Where is your city? My name is Paul and I am in Santa Rosa.

    1. astav


      Hey Paul. I'm down in Castro Valley, 20 min south of Oakland.

  12. If you haven’t used one you are in for a treat. Before I got my bluesound node 2 I played CDs a lot and vinyl occasionally. Now I just stream and there is no going back. It sounds fantastic and is such a treat to use. My iPad in hand and sitting in the sweet spot the musical world is my oyster.
  13. PMAT

    Favorite Pictures

    I can always count on Rod. Love it.
  14. PMAT

    Favorite Pictures

    Hmmm. Please post a photo of the appropriate soldering iron for that.
  15. Glad you joined us. Nice people here, enjoy yourself.
  16. Was that a facial tick?
  17. Welcome to the enablers club. There is a lot of DIY guidance in the archives and many great live people to help. Cheers mate.
  18. Thanks for joining us here at the Carver Nuthouse. Don’t be shy, jump right in.
  19. Welcome aboard OS. Enjoy yourself and join in the fray as you please.
  20. When the OP gets his main speakers back I am going to redo his Plat crossovers correctly for him And modify them to be bi-amped.
  21. Krazy number karma. Woohoo 102,127,222,232,688
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