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  1. this whole set from 70 year old Jeff beck at Ronnie Scotts is phenomenal. Super talented group with Vinnie and Tal.
  2. I have a CT-7 but no remote. One of my first Carver pieces. I got it because of member CT-7 what was very welcoming when I joined the site.
  3. Woo hooooo. In with 23. Damn nice karma.
  4. Sorrow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgW4LOKjS9Y
  5. While I’m not sure about the rest of the United States, motorcycles have been able to lane split here in California for as long as I can remember. Sounds like it’s the same thing. originally it was because motorcycles were air cooled and they could overheat standing still in heavy traffic. This law gets abused a lot.
  6. Barking is usually a surround issue at larger excursions.
  7. Chances are good at repairing it at a place like simply speakers. Why not have it ready the next time you have an issue?
  8. It seems to be dying a natural death. The post count was ridiculously low. It’s very nice that the information will be saved though.
  9. Elegant, modern, gorgeous speakers. All wives will fall in love with them.
  10. The Mk II mod will improve the amp’s ability to drive speakers with lower impedance. The amp is still limited though. If you like it’s sound, like many of us here, I would recommend the upgrade. If your big city tech is good he can probably do the upgrade using info on this site. You can also have a tech here do it. Good luck with your venture.
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