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  1. I confess to using "pinch to zoom" a couple of times to see a magazine better.
  2. Yamaha ca-810 integrated with matching tuner & cassette deck. 65wpc, no longer have.
  3. Oh great, ANOTHER greedy narcissist is gonna save me. I sure hope he runs for prez too. The fact that fake news Reported the sale of this totally private company Proves beyond reasonable doubt that it is indeed a private company and not the work of some cointelpro. No one could ever trample the free speech rights of an American automaker. Well except for that one time 95 years ago lol
  4. https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/howard-stern-number-one-band-of-all-time/?amp I was afraid to click on this. Funny that I just ordered that CD on about the day this article came out LOL
  5. I saw that, right down to the louvers and the hubcaps. Lol I had types one and three.
  6. Does it have a triac? I'd try and figure out why it's not powering off.
  7. It says it will ship almost anywhere in the world. I would just try and place the order. If there's a problem I'm sure he'll let you know by email.
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