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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-XfmHyG8y-g David Essex, Rock on
  2. Is that a Hawkeye African with the Honda african?
  3. Between 1970 and 1977 Led Zeppelin performed 16 times at the Forum, including a run of six sold-out dates in 1977. One song he destroyed a violin bow on his guitar.
  4. The power amplifier should be turned on last and turned off first. Some of my components can take this and others can't so I guess it's hit or miss.
  5. I dub thee "Machu Speachu"
  6. I recently picked up C1 17778 made in USA. Tfm's & m1.0t say Japan
  7. Are they similar to the m1.5t?
  8. Are they the same under the hood?
  9. At 30 minutes: light it,roll it, smoke it. I'll have to try that. Good jams thank you Charlie.
  10. I turned it up to 36 volts(continuous) on that note and got the 4th led lit on the pt1800. 4.5 amps x2 jbl2225h 15" Pretty shakey. That was calculated into 8 ohms I tried it again and got 1.8 amps measured at the speaker wire.
  11. Well look at the target audience LOL I thought you said nonfiction?
  12. I didn't mean to imply there was a problem with the y cables as mine are working great in fact you should be able to daisy chain them and run several amps. Yeah it sounds like your problem was a weak signal to begin with. my Bluetooth seems to have a weak signal. It's definitely nice when all your sources have the same level, that's why my tuner has an adjustable output.
  13. I recently started running multiple amps with y cables because I didn't know I could do that in the past lol. I can't even go to 12:00 without serious pain due to my wall of speakers. I just demoed the intro of "Born to be wild"for my neighbor (new Harley) definitely louder than a real Harley and when the drums hit, it hurt. Anyway I would try and check the voltages to see which amp it is. https://www.audioholics.com/audio-amplifier/amplifier-voltage-gain
  14. I can hit 3 octaves on a long neck and a sparklets bottle, just one but it's a subwoofer! Nice cabinet.
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